Really need help with burning elektra

i use the latest version of dvdxplatinum and anydvd. i have burned several movies with no problems. when i burn the movie it burns fine. when i play the movie it freezes at exactly 35min 45sec. it stays that way for about one to two minutes then keeps playing, you can also fast forward thru it. i tried playing the disc on different dvd players and the same thing happens. i have two burners and tried them both, the same thing happens. i also thought it might be the dvd so i went out and bought the movie. no matter what i try it keeps freezing. has anyone else had this problem? is there a fix for this?

I think you got two bad original disks, I’d return the one you just bought and tell them it’s freezing. I doubt you will get three defective ones but you never know with the crap they sell you these days. I highly doubt there is trouble with different stand alones and two burmers, all freexzing at the same point, for sure it’s a defective disk and not the players.

the original movies like the store bought ones dont freeze. its only the ones that i burn freeze at that one spot. i have even tried lowering my recording speed on my drive. also i went to msconfig and disabled some item so they wouldnt interfere with the burn. i have tried everything i can think of. does anyone have any suggestions?

Try cleaning the disc first … this happened to me recently on a back up of ‘final cut’. I had just backed it up and tested it on my player and it was freezing in a few spots. I took the disc out and there was a finger print mark that was making it freeze.

If that doesn’t solve you’re problem then I suggest you try a back up using the latest version of CloneDVD.

what speed are you burning? cut it in half if over 8X

hello, i stopped using dvdxplatinum and started using 1click dvd copy version 4.1. i burned elektra again and didnt have any problems. i was going to try clone dvd but i heard it didnt support episodes or dual layer burning.
has anyone else heard this?

Uh, wherever you heard that they were wrong. CloneDVD supports dual layer burning quite well. Also handles episode discs just fine, as well. CloneDVD is a very fine piece of software and IMO worth every penny I paid for it when it first came out. I just recently got myself a copy of AnyDVD and the two together are truly awesome. I made a backup of Elektra last night with CloneDVD and AnyDVD with no problems whatsoever.

after watching Elektra the only method I would be likely to use to burn it would be lighter fluid.

Ya know, I definitely agree with that. Makes me sad that I actually bought it. SIGH. While JG definitely looked hot in that nice red outfit of hers, that was the highlight of the movie. This makes Dare Devil look like an oscar winning performance. EGHAD!

This makes Dare Devil look like an oscar winning performance. EGHAD!

LOL… funny you should say that after I watched it my daughter asked me if it was as bad as daredevil. I told her Elektra made daredevil look pretty good by comparison.

Was going to pick this movie up as nothing good has come out lately but after reading these last few posts i think i’ll save my $ for something else. Thanx for the info.

It’s worth renting it or watching it on PPV, but, if given the choice, I’d not buy it again. I had heard that it was bad before I bought it but I generally have different tastes in movies than a lot of my friends. In this case, it’s just plain aweful. Definitely save your $$.

Highlight of the whole movie here ->,%20Jennifer%20(I)

I would SO have to agree with you on that! :slight_smile:

Hi there, I had the same problem, so I went ahead and clone the whole movie with cloneDVD from in to an ISO image, now that software removes copy protection and that kind of stuff, so mounted the Iso image in virtual clone drive and used clonedvd2 to remove aditional features, languajes and that kind of crap, burned it to dvd and now I have a region free, crap free dvd, and my original one is safely putted away in my collection box.

Good GOD! First off, this is NOT A WAREZ BOARD!!! Second, why would you want to use such a piece of trash as that? This forum is for CloneDVD SOLD by Slysoft. Oh mods!!! :slight_smile:

I’m Really Sorry, I will not do that ever again.
And yes I’ve bought the bundle soft @

I had that problem in the past two with DVDXPlatinum, it happened when It happened with the movies Bad Company, Shark Tale, and National Treasure, the oddest thing is that I backed it up and save the movies in the hard drive to see if that work and it still did the same thing, so I gave up on it, now I use CloneDVD2