OK, I am horribly new to this. I just tried burning my first DVD tonight. I used DVDshrink and burned directly with Nero.

I used 8x DVD+R TDK discs.

The DVD will not play in my Apex (cheap) DVD player, nor my parents older Toshiba. It does, however, play in my brother’s Samsung flawlessly.

A friend mentioned to me “…some of them have the ability to change the “book type” on +R disks so to the DVD player they look like a DVD-ROM, not a DVD+R which helps with the compatibility.”

Is this something I should look into? Is this pointless? Is there anything else that could be causing this to not play, or is the answer simply to get a -R spindle of discs and try. Any suggestions for a noob? :wink:


For testing, you can get DVD-R and try what happens when you play it on all the DVD players.
You should certainly look into DVD-ROM booktype bitsetting when you have DVD+R media.
What drive model and firmware you are using now?


Can you kinda guide me on how to check?


What version Nero are you using? If not the newest get the newest. Ver 6.6 automaticaly sets the book type to “DVD ROM”


The CD that came with the computer (had it built at has:

Nero Express 6
Nero Vision Express 2
Nero Show Time
In CD 4


Run Nero Infotool and see what type of drive you have and the firmware version.

Should be under Nero->Nero Toolkit


As for the info on the drive, it was from here. It says: DVDRW: Black: 16x Dual-Format, Double Layer, BenQ DW1620


again this should also be in the recording forum…nothing to do with BenQ drives here…


I apologize if I am in the wrong forum but it does indeed have to do with a Ben Q drive.

I was referred to this specific forum by a friend, and looking through past posts I just don’t see anything specific to what I am asking, so I posted it here.


with that firmware it looks like it might be an oem optorite drive not a 1620


This is not a Benq drive, the DW1620 doesn’t read 48X CD. And the Firmware version is not an oem or retail Benq DW1620. You can either call pcusa or pull the drive and see if it is marked.


well its not a benq anyway…


The specs on the site are correct…but the drive you have is not a BenQ.

I really like how the logo on the lefthand side of the bezel, in the PCUSA picture, is blurred out.

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hmmm, thanks for letting me know. I have an e-mail into them to see exactly what is in there.

I know i am now off topic for this forum, but is it possible then to have the Nero version I am running burn as a DVD-ROM? Would that possibly fix the problem?


Do you just love giving people a rough time? I am new to this, and I am sorry if I cannot find the perfect forum and I was mistaken about what was in there. You’ve now wasted two posts in this thread, if it bothers you that much I’d assume you wouldn’t return? I’m new to this but not message forums, and people like you are a major annoyance.

Go away.


I would think that since you’re new at this you might be interested in the rules… And you are clearly in the wrong forum. Any attacks on current members because you screwed up won’t get you too far here.


IF it was a Benq we could provide the software that would do the bitsetting and then you could forget all about it forever.

That being said… Run Nero goto choose recorder-> select the drive and then click on the options button, then boot type settings. Don’t know if it will work with that beast.

You could goto Newegg and search thru the optical drives and see if you find a match.
When I looked at that pcusa site the fine print was fun “drive may look different” or sum such dribble.

lotsa luck


Look on this page at the first listed firmware for the DD1603.
Methinks that is what ripped you off for.

Some reason you didn’t buy from a reputable vendor?


I’m not trying to take a stab at a member, however I don’t see how drastically horrible this is. I assumed it was a HARDWARE issue with a BenQ player - Hence I am in here. I realize I am wrong now that members have pointed this out, I was hoping out of the kindness of someone’s heart they could answer that question in this thread instead of starting a new thread. I would not have realized this was a non-hardware, non-benq problem had I not entered here.

I don’t mean to be disrespectful of a pain or anything, I was just hoping for some help, and I seemed to be getting it here. As I said, I am on many forums and I don’t hesitate to help someone new, it’s not a huge deal in my book. I am sorry if “I screwed up” by being new to this, and by not realizing I am in the wrong forum. It’s not as clear-cut as some of you veterans to this site think it is.

As for the semi-topic at hand, apparently I was completely mistaken. I got this PC because my parents needed a cheap replacement for their 333 PII. While ordering, my old man voiced he’d like to be able to copy DVD’s to leave at our cabin in the summer. I was just going a cheap route here that’ll work. I’ve had a PCUSA computer that’s been running just fine for me for over 3 years, I figured if I could go the cheap route for them, why not? They aren’t exactly taxing on a computer, they browse online, print pictures, scan, and e-mail. :wink:

I’ll let this thread die, I’ll find out what exactly I have, and I’ll come back to the correct forum then.


Oh, and thanks to the people helping me! It is truly appreciated, you are the type of people who make message forums worthwhile, not the forum police nazis.