Really long authentification times in certain drives with Twinpeak copies



That’s something I asked myself.
Some of you might already have noticed a problem with certain readers with a Twinpeak copy of a Securom 4.8 protected game.
The authentification of the game takes REALLY long (up to 5 minutes) and you run into some annoying problems if you want to shut down the process while the CD-check is running.
Well my question: Why does this happen? I mean, what’s the technical explanation for it?
My Lite-on 166s doesn’t have any problems reading Twinpeaked copies of a Securom protected game while my burner (LG 8400b with hidden ATIP of course) takes forever to start the game.
I even made the BWA file with the burner (which was a really good BWA file btw).
Thanks for some explanation here! :slight_smile: