Really innovative bank robbery

A bank robber used Craiglist to help him in a bank heist.

This robbery also featured one of the slowest getaway vehicles in recent memory…an inner tube floating down a river. :doh:

Hey, I’m only three days late! :slight_smile:

Just saw the link over at Ars Technica tonight though…sorry I missed your earlier thread.

No problem do not know why they are robing banks there no money there. I know for a fact that some people have went to local banks and took out as much as 150.000 dollars in cash because they think the banks are going to fail. What bank robbers should be doing is watching to see who goes into the banks with a bag and then comes out with the bag looking full.

Americans not happy enough with the results of not paying their mortgages … now they’re causing a run on the banks?

I guess with the usual corporate bull$hit & cutting maintenance, people can no longer recognise differencea between road maintenance workers & bankrobbers :stuck_out_tongue:

In Financial Crisis, banks rob you! :doh:

Funny as I have been watching this when the day it took place as I am only a few hundred miles away from where it happened. It’s not really 3 days old but rather several weeks.

As a result of investigative television reporting (e.g., 60 Minutes) and mainstream publications (e.g., Time), people are recognizing the volatile and widespread practice of “Credit Default Swap” transactions. The latest estimate I’m aware of is that the U. S. economy has 60 trillion dollars linked to these investments.

The most troubling aspect is that the nature of these transactions places them beyond regulation and that this was purposeful (ouch).,8599,1723152,00.html

Credit Default Swaps: The Next Crisis?
By Janet Morrissey Monday, Mar. 17, 2008

Credit default swaps, once an obscure financial instrument for banks and bondholders, could soon become the eye of the credit hurricane. Fun, huh?

Lol! Hurray for C.D.S.!
Financial WMOD’s!

Well you know where he got his idea
from?. It was from his advisor,and longtime