REALLY enjoying my 3500

I have been burning DVD’s and CD’s in this thing for the past three weeks with fantastic results. It is fast and the quality of the burned media is great. I have played the CD’s in my car and home stereo without fail. I have plyed the DVD’s in Sony and Cyberhome standalone players with no problems. My mother-in-law has an old DVD player that only plays DVD-ROM and I was able to change booktype on a DVD+R to DVD-ROM so she could play it. :bigsmile:

Thanks to liggy and dee for their ldv2b3 firmware. It really turned a good burner in to a great burner. :slight_smile:

ditto, except I have the 3520A

Been backing up lots of data on dvds, burning faster then media supports with Liggy and dee’s firmware, burned a few movie dvd’s, made a flawless backup of a pc game (bf42) that works!, burn several documents, pictures, and music to cd-r’s… Not one problem, not one coaster.

Love NEC as much as liteon, if not more.