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I posted this on the Newbie Forum and didn’t get any replys. I think there is a simple solution, I just don’t know what it is.
I have a 4 yr old laptop with a CD writer, no DVD writer. It has usb-1 ports. I need to download mapping data from a DVD for my GPS. I don’t wish to buy an external DVD writer at this time. I have access to a desk top PC with a DVD writer. It probably has usb-2 ports. I don’t know if these kinds of ports are compatable with each other. Is there a way to play the DVD on the PC and patch it to my laptop for storage of the data?
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im not sure quite what you mean by ‘patch it to my laptop for storage of the data’. Please elaborate. Do you mean link your desktop to your laptop for transfering data???

If so, if you have paralel printer port, a long horizontal port on the back of the laptop, you can get a paralel to firewire converter. That would allow you to connect an external hard disk/dvd writer/ etc etc to transfer any data.

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Answering to your question, USB2 ports are compatible with USB1, i.e. USB ports can read USB-1 devices with no problems.

If you can read the DVD with another PC, you can create an ISO file on HDD, and then copy the ISO file on your computer. Finally, you can mount the ISO on a virtual drive, so you can have is available on your computer in the same way as reading the original DVD.

To connect your computer with the PC maybe the best way is with a LAN connection, not with an USB cable.

If the original DVD have some copy-protection stuff, it will be a bit complicated to create the ISO file, and you can find more informations in this subforum

You can lay your hands on USB-USB network cables. Not cheap though.

These days, most PC’s come with network cards.
Maybe you can grab a cheap Crossover network cable & network the PC’s.

Failing that, grab a few USB WIFI cards and network your PC’s.
The Laptop needs the PCMCIA version though, or it’ll be very slow.