Really bad scans with my 411s + YUDEN000T02

I don’t get it. All the rave reviews on the Yuden media’s but when I use it on my 411s my scans are much worst that my cmc mag’s…what gives?

Is it my 411s that’s bad and doesn’t work well with these media? Or am I doing anything wrong?

My drive use to be 411s@811s Omnipatched, but put it back to stock because it was giving me bad scans with my 4x cmc mags and ricoh +R media’s. Once it was back on stock my cmc mags and ricoh media’s had good scans.

I’m using CloneDVD+AnyDVD

  1. First Pic, Movie: Collateral, 411s FS0H Stock, 4x CMC MAG
  2. Second Pic, Movie: iRobot, 411s FS0H Stock, 4x CMC MAG
  3. Third Pic, Movie: HarryPotter3, 411s FS0H Stock, 4x RICOHJPN
  4. Fouth Pic, Movie: HarryPotter3, 411s FSOK Stock, 4x YUDEN 02
  5. Fifth Pic, Movie: BourneSupremacy, 411s FSOH Stock, 4x YUDEN 02

I think you will find that your kprobes are far from reporting any kind of accuracy. I have an 811s as well as a 1633s@1653s. I bought the 1633s on the sole indication from my 811s kprobe results that it could not do justice to the media. I was getting terrible kprobe results like yours. I got my new drive and it burned and created eccelent results so then I got curious and I scanned some of my 1633s burns in my 811s and guess what. I got bad scans again. I don’t know why but the kprobe does not seam to be a valid/reliable source for measuring the quality of your burns with that particular drive and T02 media. I get great kprobe results with T01 on my 811s but not T02. I still appreciate kprobe information and trust it as a guideline as least with my 1633s and T02 but I think when incountering different media you cannot solly depend on one test to account for a true accuracy of the burn. I hope this helps

PS. if you try kprobing at 8x you might find that you 811s or 411s scans are more accuratly portrayed but will still not do the media justice.

So before you start tossing discs as I did us nero and do a drive test running the transfer rate test. That is the most reliable method I have found as to weather a disc will actually play without problems.

You have a good point…all the ty02 media’s i’ve burnt have all played well on my sony stand alone dvd player.

Should I buy a new dvd drive then? If so what brand/model? I’ve been looking at maybe buying either the 1633s or the nec 3500a. Which one?

What about BenQ drives? I’m reading a lot of good things about them too.

I’d recommend either the DW1620 or the GSA-4163B.

A new drive would be a good idea if you want to continue to do kprobes accuratly. Otherwize resort to using the nero transfer rate test.

I usually use that first even now that I have a 1633s then if it does have some trouble with the read curve and I’m curious, I will do a kprobe.

I have an NEC 3500a, and I love it. It’s a fantastic burner, but it’s got 2 flaws (somewhat minor) that I can see.

  1. very slow DL reader
  2. currently doesn’t support PI/PIF scanning (which may change in the future)

So I also bought the SOHW-1213s, crossflashed it to a SOHW-1633s, now, it’s also a great burner, and is among the fastest rippers I’ve ever seen as well. But to my knowledge, has only 1 flaw.

  1. It burns those Verbatim 16x’s very poorly, while the NEC burns those 16x’s w/ some of the best PI/PIF’s i’ve ever seen, period (i’m talking very very low).

My suggestion, get both, they work great together…:slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply guys.

Here is my Nero CD/DVD Speed Test Results. What does this test result mean and say about my dvd burner and does it scan the burn quality on the disc?

Screen shot at the bottom.

General Information:

Operating System Windows XP
Firmware Version FS0K
Serial Number
Capacity 4.35 GB

Transfer Rate

Start 2.57x
End 6.22x
Average 4.66x
Type P-CAV

Seek Times

Random 113 ms
1/3 119 ms
Full 203 ms

CPU Usage

1X 16 %
2X 28 %
4X 45 %
8X 100 %


Burst Rate 20946 KB/sec

Spin Up/Down Times

Spin Up Time 1.60 sec
Spin Down Time 2.54 sec

Load/Eject Times

Load Time 1.25 sec
Eject Time 0.99 sec
Recognition Time 13.71 sec


Time Elapsed Action
[21:42:29] Starting Transfer Rate Test
[21:55:15] 12:46 Speed:3-6 X P-CAV (4.66 X average)
[21:55:15] Starting Seek Times Test
[21:55:27] Random Seek: 113 ms
[21:55:39] 1/3 Seek: 119 ms
[21:55:59] 0:44 Full Seek: 203 ms
[21:55:59] Starting CPU Usage Test
[21:56:14] CPU usage at 1X: 16 %
[21:56:30] CPU usage at 2X: 28 %
[21:56:48] CPU usage at 4X: 45 %
[21:57:08] 1:09 CPU usage at 8X: 100 %
[21:57:08] Starting Burst Rate Test
[21:57:08] 0:01 Interface burst rate: 20 MB/sec (20946 KB/sec)
[21:57:08] Starting Spin-Up/Down Test
[21:57:12] Spin-up time: 1.60 seconds
[21:57:25] 0:16 Spin-down time: 2.54 seconds
[21:57:25] Starting Load/Eject Test
[21:57:26] Eject time: 0.99 seconds
[21:57:27] Load time: 1.25 seconds
[21:57:41] 0:16 Recognition time: 13.71 seconds

That readback is fine. You may have some stutters in the beginning, but it should play back well assuming it is a DVD-Video disc.

you asked what exactly transfer rate curve is showing you?

Well what it’s doing is accessing your disc at a normal reading speed and if it incounters any problems reading the data the line will dip down ad the drive slows down making it easier for it to read the media. Which Identifies a problem however typically I don’t worry about there being dips as long as they are miner and don’t drop below 2x perferably 4x but a movie is going to play at 1x so if it will read the data just fine faster then that there should be no problems with your playback.