Really bad burns or normal results?



Is this normal with Datawrite Grey top 8x -R. There seems to be a lot of errors. The drive used to be a Sony 26A and was a 26a when it was burned. I’m a noob BTW.


one of the worst burns i’ve ever seen.

if you have flashed this drive to 1693s (kprobe drive?) please burn a testdisc and post a screenshot.
don’t forget to clear the eeprom:


“Bad” … s**t :S but i sometimes have same … on 1673s …


prodis? lol

i think that it might be ur media on that one, because its not even the right mid for prodisc lol

its missing the c


I don’t think they are very good. I used 2 for test, the other 23 in the box will rest among my unused Budget discs :wink:

Datawrite Grey


I’d use them like 2GB CD-Rs. :slight_smile:


The write is better now its a 1693. However this was written with NERO and the one above when it was a sony 26a (1673) was written with DVD decrypter. Would a difference in software make such a difference?


bump. Does anyone know the answer to my question above?