Really bad burn with 1653s with cs09 firmware



i have a 1613s@1653s and trying to burn 8x with a good media and seem to be getting a mountain of errors.

The media code is TDK TTG02.

any idea?


I have a 1213@1653 too. Had problems with -R before, avoid using -R.


Did you erase EEPROM / learning information?

I recommend 6x burn for 8x DVD-R media. 6x burn is really high quality.


i’ll just stick with my 832s for -R and 1653 for +R


See [post=800169]this post[/post] in the changing strategies results thread. :slight_smile:


so i should change the TTG02 to TYG02 but how can i do that?
anymore link for help?



Hi toant103

Just Got 2 Spindles Of 50 TDK DVD+R 8x Blanks (CMC MAG F01)
They Burn Sweet On My Non-overclocked SOHW-1653S Using FW CS09.
So U Mayb Right About Sticking 2 DVD+R’s.


nevermind, i got it. Just double click on the media list.



this is one of my last burning session with a PS2 Backup.
I burned DVD-R at 8x speed just to try.


Yes, the TYG02 strategy is a good one. Hopefully toant103 will have similar results when he uses it with his TTG02. :slight_smile:


just a question. I noticed that in the first part of many of my scans are concetrated the most of PI (not PIF) errors. Why?



Thanks CodekIng, i use the tyg02 strategy and the burn is a lot better.

big improvement.

Any good strategy for ritekr03?
i’m averaging about 70 PI

Thanks again


Lets face it LiteON dvd writers are below standard compared to their cdwriters which is a shame. Some people place this down to the fact that the mediatek chip used in the drives just can handle dvd writing that well.


for the money, i think Lite-on is a good dvd burner.


You can get a BenQ Burner for the same price and it is much better im afraid. I used to be a big supporter of LiteON during their CDRW days as they produced some of the best CDRW drives on the market but they just dont seem to be able to get DVD writing to work properly. I guess they just cant switch to another producer of dvd chipsets so easily or they would have done something about it already, i heard this is why there drives arent up to scratch the MediaTek chipset just aint cut out. BenQ / NEC / Philips has surpassed Liteon as producer of quality drives which is a shame as LiteON was a name i used to associate with quality and value. When i think of quality value drives now i think Nec / BenQ / Philips no longer LiteON. LiteON have let their supporters down with their DVD writers in my opinion when compared to haydays of their CDRW drives.


oh well i think we just have to wait and see what happen to the 5s drive from LiteON then…might be better :stuck_out_tongue: …Or wait for another firmware release to fix the 16x problem :sad: