+ really are better than -

i finaly managed to find a local shop that sells dvd+r in uk…
and i cant believe the difference…i know it has been strat swapped in the recomended tweaks config file but i must say i am very impressed and the disks where actualy £1 cheaper than ritek G04 (£9 for 25 may be cheaper on net this was from a store) which is what i have been stuck with…anyway heres a scan to mull over…the disks are datawrite yellow classics dvd+r which are prodisc R02…
scan of PRODISC R02 burnt on an 832 flashed to dru 700a VY06 recommended media tweaks in omnipatcher burnt @ 8X (4.2 gigs worth of film)

That’s a fantastic result. :slight_smile: You should be very pleased…

I’m a bit confused…is this a LiteOn 832s burner you burned this with? I was about to buy T-Y OEM dvd-r, but if you have an 832s and got such better results with plus media I will buy Ritek dvd+r instead.

+R is definitely a better choice for Liteon DVD writers. Be careful with Ritek media though. Some of the RITEKR03 can be quite variable. In saying that it will usually burn well at 4x using the T02 strategy and sometime it will burn well at 8x but not often. If it’s “Ritek Excellent” then it will be RICOHJPNR01, which is very good media. Some of the Ritek Ridata may be RICOHJPNR01 as well. Welcome to the fun world of DVD media… :wink:

Thanks. LOL! I’m finding it so much fun…:-/

The Ritek media I am going to get is R02…?

Check also this post,you may find it useful!!!

Try ‘dash’ media vs ‘plus’ media on any other brand of burner and then adjust your findings. Lite-On burners are just notoriously HORRIBLE for burning DVD-R. That says more about Lite-On than than the media.

Not true.

Lite-on burners burn quality DVD-Rs (Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim Data Life Plus, Maxell) superbly. :smiley:

It’s just that they perform inconsistently at best and at times appallingly with cheap low grade DVD-Rs (Ritek, CMC Magnetics, Princo).

A more accurate statement would be to say that Lite-on burners perform poorly when burning cheap low grade DVD-R.

Well said… :slight_smile:

Depends on the Lite-On, I guess. The 1213S and 1633S do poorly with TYG02, MCC02RG20, and MXLRG03 media I’ve thrown at it. On the other hand those burners have nor problems with the equivalent +R variety of each of those…

Looking in the Pioneer forum, it looks like the DVR-108 burns pretty much everything they throw at it superbly.

I’m a bit confused…is this a LiteOn 832s burner you burned this with?

well the drive i used was a Sony DW-U18A (rebadged LiteOn SOHW-812S). which i flashed to 832 then flashed to Sony DRU-700A (rebadged LiteOn SOHW-832S) VY06 firmware…the reason i chose the 700a with VY06 was the reports i read about - burning this is a very good firmware for ritek G04…but i struggled to find + disks in uk till my local store got some in as a test…sure glad i tested them as well lol…the only reason i posted the above scan is it was over 4 gig…i had burnt 3 others prior and 2 where the same and 1 was even better…but its better to scan a full disk then you get some idea of a good burn as outer rim is hardest to burn…i think 4.2 was enough to post…that along with the fact that they where all burnt at 8x oversped as well.

omg i just cant believe it… i challenge any nec or pioneer owner to beat a scan like this…
PRODISC R02 burnt on an 832 flashed to dru 700a VY06 recommended media tweaks in omnipatcher burnt @ 8X

i get (and always have got) good results from my ritekg04’s with my 812

I think it really depends on if you’re lucky enough to get a good model. Maybe it depends on where you buy them from. The people with bad experiences…maybe bought them at a market or the like.

With my 812@832 I have good results with good batch of RiTEK G04 and CMC. But only with good batch.
All Princo are … :Z
However, LiteON prefers plus discs.

I don’t think it matters so much where you buy the drives but it seems to depend on the drive itself… some burn -r good, some don’t. I have two 451’s with consecutive serial numbers, one burns -r extremely well, the other produces marginal quality burns on the same media. I also have a 812 that burns -r ok but not great. Thankfully all of them love good +r.

I will be burning my first disc today. It will be on +r media. Can’t wait to see how it goes. :slight_smile:

The great + vs. - argument. I have to say I tend to sway to the + side most of the time…

Great scan but don’t jump the gun, all my 3500 scans look that good! :iagree:


nice scans pcdoc but your media is TY not prodisc as was the_hetsters.