i use img tool to burn my backups…i was going through the process and it said “img tool was unable to reallocate files, do you wish to continue - note - you might burn another coaster

what does that mean? i went ahead and just hit yes to continue, the disc plays fine to the best of my knowledge, just wondering what this meant for future reference? thanks

IIRC the rellocate check in ImgTool has the same function as IfoEdit VTS sector structure checker.
(At, goto -Downloads -VOB tools.)
Basicly it checks VIDEO_TS.IFO and the VTS files (sector structures) in VIDEO_TS folder.

If you know for sure your DVD compilation structure is okay, then there is no need to worry about this error message in ImgTool. :slight_smile:

I’ve switched to burning with PGCedit+IMGtools classic+dvddecrypter. open the VIDEO_TS folder with PGCedit, run the fix streams macro, region checker etc. (doom9 VOB/IFO editors forum for more info), configure PGCedit to "When saving, leave at least 32K of space between IFO and BUP, then configure the burnoptions, browse to where you got IMGTools installed, select drive letter for burner, the rest should be pretty self explanatory.
PGCedit also runs some checks auto when you open the dvd and offers to fix the errors it finds in the structure.

Good luck,

thanks for the replies