Realjukebox Security



OK, I need to know how to convert Real Jukebox files to MP3, or even WAV. The files I have are not the usual real format, but all have the file extension *.RMX. This means they have require the user to have an ID file in order to play them, the idea being no one can share or pirate music. I have got this file, and can play the music no problem. But I have found no way of converting from this format to WAV or MP3 in order to make an MP3 cd for my MP3 player. I have an add on for Real Jukebox that means I can burn them to make an audio CD, but this is no good because there are almost 800 of these files so that’s a lot of CDs / burn time.

To summarise (lol, sorry about the detail but it’s driving me mad and I want to get this right):
Can anyone help me decode RMX to MP3 or WAV. I have the security file needed to play the RMX files.

Thank you! :stuck_out_tongue: