Reality Bites 10th Anniv



Hi -

Can’t seem to back up my Reality Bites 10th Ann. DVD. I love this movie very much, and would really prefer to use a back-up, and keep the DVD case in my display. Anyway, DVD Shrink does not seem to work, and DVD Decrypter d.n. seem to work either. Any tips? A quick search seems to show that no one else in the forum seems to have this movie.



since that was just released it may have a newer copy protection.AnyDvd will work in conjunction with Shrink(it should,I don’t have that movie).AnyDvd has a 21 day free trial.


Hm. I tried AnyDVD, but that didn’t seem to help. Does anyone have an idea I can pursue?


Pls. see attached for error message from DVD Decrypt, with DVD43 version 3.5 enabled.


Can anyone provide some guidance?