Real Virus Piggybacks On E-Mail Hoax



I just posted the article Real Virus Piggybacks On E-Mail Hoax.

Some one taked advanced of the hoax…

Apparently the e-mail warning people that their PCs might contain a virus tricked a number of people into deleting the sulfnbk.exe file from their hard…

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Why do these idiots create viruses. I bet it was an anti-virus company that started this crap. Good way to keep a job.


Here is a quick tip to avoid 95% of virus attacks. Most virus attach themselves to an exe or com file. I make all my exe and com files read-only. This has worked for me for years. I will see the error pop up during an attack. IE error writing to, guess what was trying to write to my A vius. Then Norton popped up after the fact. This should not effect the way you operate your programs. The only time you need to take the read only off is when updating the version of a program or game. then when your finished put the read-only back on.