Real TY's In A £1 Shop

I know your thinking fakes but i dont recall TDK making fakes, but i was in a pound shop and i saw they had some TDK -R X8 in a twin pack so seen as they was £1 i thought i would get a pack just to see what they was and after opening behold to my eyes there was GG000103 on the inner ring. I think if they have some left next time i go by there i may get a few more packs.

They did a couple of weeks back have X8 +R TDKs, i wonder if they was TY as well.

Was just a bit shock to even see TDK discs in a £1 shopd so i thought i would meantion it. I remember reading on this board that TDK TY’s were few and far between and of all place’s to find them.

Could you make photos of the packaging and especially of the shrinkwrap?
Thanks in advance.

Indeed, I haven’t had luck with TDK 8x. Most of these were TDK, MBI or CMC.
As the 8x TDKs are phased out, no surprise :smiley:

You don’t want to give us a clue as to where this store is or the name of it by any chance.

Maybe [B]Yoda[/B] needs to buy all of that store’s stock up before he tells us :bigsmile:

Poundland by any chance?? :confused:

:smiley: i think im off back down there tomorrow.

Yeah poundland.

Heres a scan, comparing it to a TDK TTG02 the TY one has little horizontal bars at the side rather than vertical long bars, the colour of the cover is a tad dark and seems to be a better quality print, the shrink rap was plain, no marks of anykind and no ribbon to help open it.

Oh my God! Sweeeeeeeet :bigsmile:

/me goes searching for the nearest Poundland

we get some sweet deals in the USA about time you get some in the UK.

Agreed, and agreed :wink:

Ill definitely have to hit up my local poundland then. Yoda, any chance of a scan of the back of the disc?


[QUOTE=>:|sh4d0w|:<]Ill definitely have to hit up my local poundland then. Yoda, any chance of a scan of the back of the disc?


The back looks the same as the back from the TTG02 discs except for the colour being a tad darker and the print quality seems a tad better. Heres a scan anyways.

Nice find [B]JMY[/B], they’re getting rare now :clap: . The recycling symbol on the wrapping might be another indication.

Yoda thanks for the scan, is the barcode the same as the TTG02 discs?

It is. Matches 100%.

Yes, barcodes are the same. Only the packaging can differ.

I will be checking my local Poundland in the next few days.

So do these TDK -Rs definitely say ‘Made in Japan’ on the packaging? I’ve had an extensive look at the pic that Yoda posted (showing the back of the packaging) and I can’t see Made in Japan anywhere.

No COO on European TDKs - be very careful.

COO? :confused:

^ Country of origin?

[QUOTE=>:|sh4d0w|:<]^ Country of origin?[/QUOTE]

Gotcha. :wink:

So are there any other identifying marks I should know about?