Real TYG02? Help me check!

Ohk, I got a printable disc from my friend today and stuck it in. To my surprise it is TYG02 MID! but is it real?

Here’s the details. I’ll read all the numbers i can find and see if you can tell me if its good or not.

In clear hub: OL20MH0411231736F
In BCA: -R8X DH-05-19 (some blank area) 464 then in clear 0000


hub serial should begin with “GG” for authentic 8X TY media

dddamn. i got bad stuff from him. and i just realised too … 200PI peaks … = not genuine. thnx

Not real TY.
If my mind works well it’s Optodisc. (To lazy to use databases.)

bad luck…how many did you get? under what brand?

optodisc? well - when i say bad luck… i mean after all these yrs I HAVE NOT HANDLED AN AUTHENTIC YUDEN!!! … i had so many fakes pass my hands becos of friends … i got like 10 of these… and yes, opto-disc like trash burns.