I just bought 50 TY CD-R’s today from and was wondering is there a method in detecting whether the TY CD-R’s are real or not?

I know the method on detecting TY DVD’s, but for CD-R’s?? :confused:

Hmm, I never heard about manufacturers creating fake TY discs, but you could check for all the telltale signs of a TY CD-R… Every one I’ve used has had a cloudy center ring with a serial number printed horizontally across it.

I haven’t heard of TY CD-Rs being faked but as long as you purchased them under the TY label then you should be fine. You only run into fakes when you buy discs with names like Sonic, Matrix, ect. but claim the same basic media ID code as TY. is pretty reputable so I seriously doubt that you got fakes as long as you ordered discs that were listed as TY.