Real Time Online Song Identifier for Streaming Radio?

My favorite streaming radio station doesn’t display a playlist or announce what they’re playing.

Is there a song identifier that I could have running in the background that would attempt to identify each song as it is streamed?

Will in Seattle
a.k.a. “Clueless”

Not sure if this exactly fits the bill or not but I use the free SoundHound app on my phone when I want to identify tracks while they’re playing.

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Thanks, Wombler! I’ll take a look at SoundHound to see if it will run on my PC. So far all I’ve found is a kind of sketchy web page claiming that “Here in this article, we are going at the end of the article you will come to know how to use SoundHound for Pc.” (Sounds like Borat, doesn’t it?)

I’ll let you know if I figure this out. (I’m in my late seventies and disabled by chronic health issues, so everything takes me ten times longer to accomplish than it did when I was young and healthy).

Will in Seattle
a.k.a. “Clueless”

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No problem Will.

Yeah that does sound a bit sketchy but even if you can’t get it to run on your PC as long as your phone can hear the track it can identify it, so you could set your phone near the PC.

Look for shazam. It’s out now on Windows 10.
Soundhound is for tune recognition. You can sing into it.
looks like it’s powered by soundhound but worked pretty good actually.
You allow it to use your microphone and click search.

Hey Will - I saw the exact same site after someone suggested soundhound to me. I never looked into it again thinking perhaps it was just a myth. I’m curious again whether this application works as I’m always hearing tunes I like but can’t put a title to them. It would be nice to get a handle on that.

I’ve never used the website but the SoundHound app very definitely works and it’s free to use.

I find it very handy when out and about too as I have it installed on my phone.