Real Time Lossless Recording?



Well I’ve got lots of Napster MP3s and my subscription runs out soon, I’ve noticed that people are using Tubebite and/or Muvaudio to re-record their MP3s, I’d like to do this too, but really wouldn’t bother unless it would preserve the quality.

So what I’d like to ask is, with a pretty basic computer, and one of the above programs, is it possible to losslessly (compared to the 128kbps WMAs that Napster provides anyway) convert a protected WMA to an MP3?

I don’t mind having to go upto 192kbps on the MP3s, but would this be the same as converting a similar unprotected 128kbps WMA to a 192kbps MP3, or will this 192kbps recorded using Tunebite/Muvaudio be of a lesser quality to the one done through simple conversion (of a non-protected WMA) :slight_smile: ?



The D-A-D step is going to lose a small amount, a lot more if you don’t get the levels right (50% too weeak, actually only loses 1 bit of resolution).

Not sure if it’s blocked, but Total Recorder might be able to digitally snoop the data going to the soundcard - it may be blocked, but there’s a free trial (inserts noise at 60 sec intervals), but the standard version is fairly cheap.

I rather suspect that it may be blocked, just like some other ways of intercepting playing at a digital level, so do try first!


Use Virtual Audio Recorder. Muvaudio is going to be incorporating this into their next version.


I have done 82 Music files with Tunebite and all my music sounds very sharp I don’t notice anything that was lost. Infact TotalRecorder wasn’t the best quality compared to Tunebite I tried all diffrent conversion process’s at all diffrent bit rates Tunebite came out the winner everytime. I used the very latest version of Lame Mp3 Encoder & Tunebite at 192Kbps as well as another lil program called Mp3Gain so their is no clipping. Other then my conversion method I can’t see how anyone would complain i hear crystal clear audio. If their is another method please do tell I am all ear’s. As far as I was aware there wasn’t any WMA <–> MP3 made public but maybe i’m wrong.