Real time hardware Component Video -> RGB Conversion

I have an issue …

For a client, that wants the Sony SDMP234 (RGB by VGA/ HD15 DSUB input only), and the sony DVPNS50B (component video out + misc crappy outputs) I need a realtime/hardware converter.

Unfortunately, this is a very pathetically understood issue, as every second person I’ve met has assured me that using a simple passive (aka cheap) cable, I can basically hook them up. This advice also comes via Sony Tech support also, which leads me to conclude that Sony Tech support is practically useless.

I have found formulas, circuit diagrams & kit’s for simple conversion, but am hesitant to build them for a client, as my personal soldering skills hover somewhere between incompetent & hack and I don’t know anyone with any better skills.

Is there a decent commercially available Component->RGB converter that can output to a 1920x1200@60Hz refresh anywhere which doesn’t cost a small fortune?

Apparently there are Component -> 15-pin VGA passive cables available, however these are only useful if the display with the 15-pin VGA input can handle component video over its VGA port. From what what I have read on this article, many projectors will accept component over VGA, however I’m not sure about LCD displays such as the one you have.

Here is a quote from an online US cable store:

This cable allows 3-connector component video to be plugged into a 15-pin component video port. Component video ports are usually labelled YUV or Y, R-Y, B-Y or Y-Pb-Pr or Y-Cb-Cr. Although the same 15-pin connector is used on most computers and VGA/SVGA monitors, they are not “component” video ports. Please check your ports and product manual.

Unfortunately, Component to VGA conversion boxes are not cheap as most units I’ve come across cost from about US$300 up. :eek:

That’s my experience. The passive cables only change the configuration from 3xRCA leads to an HD15 sub plug.

Unfortunately, I suspect (unfortunately I cannot find any detailed information from Sony’s website) the LCD monitor only accepts RGB, as it’s not made for playing component/ DVD sources, but is literally a PC monitor in large size,

I’ve currently gone with a converter box $600au / $450us. But once again, no information available on it’s output, coupled with no information available from sony & I’m winging it.

One I’ve seen (From Kramer) gives the correct specs for the LCD monitor resolution & refresh rate, but it’s $2000au / $1500US here … might try the cheaper one first & fingers crossed :wink:

Sigh I guess this is what happens when idiots are in charge, specify the gear & I’m just a lowly engineer in charge of makin things work.
/end sigh