Real Time Compression Software Needed




This is my first post here, but I am a long time visitor.

I was wondering if anyone here knew some good, not too expensive real time compression software that I can source.

It is for a church near me. They have a digital video camera that needs to be hooked up to a system, have the video compressed so its transmittable, then transmitted wirelessly to another location. Since its going wireless across to another location, you can see why its important that the video is compressed. The quicker compression the better.

Any ideas? Any help would be greatly appreciated.



whats required of the video? color? b/w? sound? resolution? bandwidth on wireless channel?

have you considered close-circuit television? im sure it would be more easily maintained and simpler to use, as well as doing everything you need. if you already have all the hardware in place (digital video camera, computer/laptop to capture to and compress, wireless network to transmit data to another computer, that computer to decompress and playout to a television?)

details could make this much easier to help with


As I understand it, you can transmit live from Windows Media encoder


WME is kinda poor compared to RealProducer (IMO) but I would really like to see a program streaming MPEG-4 ‘live’ to a Apple (Darwin) Streaming Server.