Real slow defrag after burning several backups?



I have done something very stupid after burning several backups with Clone DVD which I have on Trial.
Ever since I did this I am having a mega problem doing a defrag with my Perfect Disk purchased defrag program which has operated fine until now.

I did not check off the box in Clone Dvd that said “erase after write” as I was afraid if I did that I would not be able to do a second back-up.

Now when I do a Defrag I am getting files the size of 1000.2 MB fragmented that are supposed to be in my Norton Recycle Bin as I get this location after the defrag:
c:\RECYCLER\NPROTECT\00042068.VOB and that is just one number of a file then another example of a related fragmented file is c:INNCONW1\VTS_0I_I.VOB and I have done so many backups trying out this program that after every defrag which takes me 4 hours when it used to take 50 minutes and then I have to do a “search” in order to get rid of the file, and then when I find the file it shows 1,048,514 kb. My next step is to send it to the Recycle bin…I am referring to the 1st file listed above, then when I try to do a search on the second file as an example ( and named above) it indicates that it is not available, so I am unable to get rid of it.

I was stupid in not checking off the “Erase after Write” box and now I am going through all of this defragging at at a very slow pace and can’t find out where these “VOB” files are so that I can get rid of them all permanently.They are not in my "Recycler as is indicated by the Perfect Disk defrag as I have to search for them and then delete them to the Recycle Bin manually.

I hope someone can give me a suggestion on how to look for these other “VOB” files of dvd’s that I have burned so that I can get rid of them permanently and get on with a faster defrag which was not a problem before I committed this silly error.

In closing, can I check the “erase after write box” and still have an option to write a second back-up, 3rd or 4th???

I hope that I have explained my dilemma well enough.



You need to have norton delete its protected files. You should be able to access this by opening the recycle bin.

The other files will need to be manually deleted through my computer or windows explorer.

You can use windows search function, set it to search for files larger than say 800 megs. under advanced check the boxes to search system folders and also sub folders. Once you find out where they are it should be easy. Just make sure not to delete other needed files.

If you are running windows system restore you may have to delete the restore points if windows has or will save the files after the above work. If this happens go to control panel then system. Then system restore tab and disable system restore. Reboot go back and turn system restore back on.

Just take your time and you should be in great shape.
Hope this is if help


Thx for the reply, I have tried to rid the Protected Bin. It indicates that there are 10 protected files.
When the window opens up and asks if I want to purge all 10, I click on it and it won’t perform the function.

Besides that i can’t seem to find out where I can view what these files are??

It is Norton Systemworks Premier 2005 that I have on my Toshiba notebook, 512 RAM, 1.9 ghz, xp, intel pent 4, mobile processor.

I have never tried to search for files over a certain size so I gather all I type in is " files over 800 mb" and the search will look for those is that correct?

I am really a Noob when it comes to doing anything like this.

Appreciate comments,





Sorry, had to get that out of my system.

Those files CAN be gotten rid of. Just disable the norton protected bin. Worst case, kill the nprotect process in the process manager, then manually delete the folders from inside of recycler.


How can I find out what those files are, as all it says is that there are 10 files when I open up the Protected Bin?

As you can tell I am a Noob and would obviously like to see what I am deleting.
When I had the Norton Professional systemworks 2003 the subscribed updated version I would click on folders and find the icons and content there.

Now with this Norton Premier edition 2005, for me it does not show the icons of the 10 items and I am trying to find out what they are before I purge them.

I hope that this does not sound silly, however I am a Noob and the 2003 Systemworks edition did not work like this and the manual is useless.



I have not used symantec programs since xp came out so I can’t answer your question. But anything norton is protecting is something you or a program through out anyway. Once you get this cleared up I would disable protected recycle bin all together. As far as I can see it was and is a pain in the ars and of no use anyway.