Real shoots self in foot with aggressive marketing practices

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  A while back, I became  frustrated at work trying to download Quicktime to view a file I was sent by an  associate on CD. I had to run a gauntlet to get to the free download and they  kept...
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I actualy bought Real Player 8 and Real Jukebox 2 plus editions. I thought they were great apps minus the advertising in them and their upgrade policies. I stoped using their products because of their “rentware” approch to keep you fliping the bills over to them just to hopefully fix bugs in the next update. I definatly avoid RealOne like the plage and uninstalled it the second i saw it pre-installed on my new HP Pavilion. If they went back to their old style of apps and droped the dumb “rentware” thing and the god awful ads everywhere i might actualy consider buying it one more time.

Yes I agree rentware is annoying as well!
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To top it all off, they compensate for the market share they lose by suing competitors like Microsoft. I’m not a Microsoft fanboy, but to me it looks like Real pulling an RIAA maneuver. Their numbers go down, they find the largest scapegoat available, and let the lawsuits flow. Somebody should point out to Real that if they want better market share all it requires is for them to code a decent piece of software. Yes, people use windows media player instead of real player…because Real has taken their once promising product and turned it into the bane of the media player world. Hey Real, maybe your numbers would go up if you spent as much time revising your product as you did suing your competitors.

Besides being Rentware, RealOne is also bloatware and spyware. I 've been using RP8 for a while now, but recently ditched it for Real Alternative. Real Alt only needs a full-screen option in the web browser plugin, then it is perfect.

Since they started bundling ad’s and real jukebox with realplayer (which steals file associations from winamp) I stopped using real’s products and started looking for something which could play real files. RealAlt is a godsend. I’d never even consider going back to real’s adware again.

A similar situation happens when you install Easy CD Creator 7, if you select a full or typical install Napster is installed. Although to be fair you are given the option to select/ deselect certain elements of the program. It seems Napsters popping up everywhere

As posted on another site, there is an “enterprise edition” of RealPlayer which can be downloaded by going here and filling out the form: It contains no adware, doesn’t screw up your system unless you tell it to, and if you delete the infamous Scheduler item from the Run key in the registry, it doesn’t load anything at all until you tell it to.

Real Player is shite anyway…nothing more than a virus! No wonder folks stick to M$s OS supplied media player. If you wanna play that .RM crud, I believe Media Player Classic does the necessaries, and it’s free of everything, including a charge to buy it!

I avoid real player at all costs, just because it is such a pain to install and seems to ‘take over’ any chance it gets. For me Google is the way it should be done, people go there again and again because its fast, simple layout that does not stick popups or advertising in your face. If real player did what it should do and and in a fast clean way they would have a good piece of software. just my two pence worth :g

Really Dan? :slight_smile: As far back as I can remember I have avoided Realplayer…probably since version 6 or 7. And now with Real Alternative I will never need it again. I’m not sure why they ever became popular, I have been thoroughly disgusted by the quality (or lack thereof) in every type of realmedia I have seen.

Does Realplayer/RealOne still include a download manager that is spyware? I guess they need to do something to get money, specially when you have the worst of three products for sound and video quality! How many movie trailers are realplayer files and how many are quicktime, case closed.

That version of RealPlayer Enterprise will, so far as I can tell from the web site (rather than actually applying for a key) be time limited - so not that useful.

I got a free upgrade to RealOne Player Plus, as I had, at that time, a valid support agreement for RealJukebox. The ‘tag’ on my account is still valid for RealPlayer 10 Plus - I think, once you’ve paid for a ‘Plus’ version of RealOne Player or later, you keep your Plus status for all time. The ‘advertising’ part, that is, Message Center, can be disabled in RealPlayer 10 - Tools -> Preferences, choose “Automatic Services” at the left, click the “Configure Message Center…” button, uncheck “Check for new messages”, and click OK.

Real Player has been an aggressive app since the late 90s as I recall it being the first program to “hang out” in your system tray and waste your memory and monitor your file associations so that it could steal them back. And being that you had to run Win95 or 98 at the time, it made your system more unstable and ate up what little ram we had back then. I wrote off RealPlayer back in 1999 and never looked back. Their audio quality sucks and streaming on dialup sounded horrible even when other codecs were popping up that sounded much better. Please note it was the way that Real Player carried itself that caused me to not use the software. It had NOTHING to do with MS Media Player or any other software. Real player has always been about sqeezing every penny from it’s users, and taking efforts to hide the free version. In fact since I work in the IT team of a large company (1,000 desktops) I set a rule that RealPlayer is not part of our normal desktop installation (which normally includes Quicktime, Media Player 9, Flash) as Real Player causes too many problems. Way to go Real, you’re putting yourself out of business.
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Agreed. Real Networks has been in the spyware/adware business since at least Realplayer 5 if not earlier. I avoid them like the plague, and refuse to install their software. It’s funny how they blame Microsoft for their troubles…I’d say their troubles start right at home by turning people off with their aggressive practices. For all of you that still feel the need to play Real Media files, do a search for Real Alternative, a program designed to play RealMedia files without the use of RealPlayer, without adware or spyware.

BadReligionPR- Yes back in the days of Win 3.1 I thought it was wicked awesome. :+ This was the Real Player 1. Get it here! J/K. As an interesting aside. Even with version 1 you can not install without filling out fields. I tried it. So I put in some gibberish and it still works! :wink:
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“Doherty said Real was “not out of step” with other companies that offer both a free and premium service. Many do the same thing.” We know that jackass! Just don’t make it so damn hard to find the free 1 AND get this jackass (m on a jackass kick this month) if people are complaining you better get your head out of your ass and start paying attention. I haven’t used this app in a long time. Windows Media player for me. No hassles, it works for me. Wake UP!

Real Player adware? spyware? anythingware? Guess I wouldnt know wince non of these things seem to be a problem here in the small planet called linux. I do visit planet M$ at work though.

Real player = Spyware, Annoyware, Bloatware ! RealSched.exe runs in the background doing God knows what. Get “real” and switch to WMP. Even M$ haters gotta love its simplicity.