100 pieces for €9.99.
10 cents per piece. Green label side; CompactDisc logo did not always exist. We also have some RealQuality CDs laying around from 2010.

I have accidentially misburned a Real,- CD-R and it wrote 200 blank sectors then finalized. (0-199).

Sector 199 is only readable by the BE14NU40, some drives fail reading the last 12 sections.

The scratch resistance of the disc is excellent.

Another test write has proven an excellent quality.
Writing from mobile phone, no screenshot yet.

The FULL disc had 0 C2 errors and 43 C1 errors in total.

CQ (crappy quality) disc models?

Which ATIP have it?


I will post screenshot tomorrow probably.
As far as I can remember:

  • CMC magnetics.
  • Package mentions SK.


Real,- Quality CD-R supports 83 minutes and 12 seconds and 16×1/75sec (frames) of overburning, which means 374400 sectors or 4992 seconds.

Is it always the same, or might I be lucky if I catch a Real CD-R with 5000 seconds of CDDA capacity? (I must retest).

SK CD-RW overburned until sector 368832. 4917 seconds.


I meant 374416 sectors.