Real Problem

Ok, I have this in the NEC forum, but the exact same problem is happening when I used my LG 4167 drive, so that is part of the mystery here.
As the picture shows at approx. the 1/2 way burn mark I get that huge spike that drops the disc down to a zero quality.
I had the Nvidia IDE drivers on my system , but I took them off and its still burns the same way, two different drives as well , and i get the exact same result.
Is it the NERO quality check thats messed or something I’m missing here?
This happens with the brand of discs shown in the picture here and Verbatim DVD+R 16x discs as well. Using different burn speeds too; 8x, 12x, 16x, 18x! I’m lost!!

Please give me some help folks.
Thanks in advance.
PS Ive also tried diff. firmware on the NEC and no luck.

Start off by dropping the scan speed. I believe that most NEC are best at 5x but maybe you should try 8x.

thanks for your reply,
I always used that speed before and had fine results. In the higher 90s.
Anything else I can try?
Also, with former version of CD Speed, was the default setting for scanning set at 8x? Or has it always been MAX, or 12x or faster?

Spikes like that are typical of imperfections on the disks but not with different brands/dyes.

Have both burners been tested on the same IDE cable? Might be worth trying a different 80wire one or trying the burner with a different Molex connector.

You’ve got me about CD-DVD Speed. All my burners scan well at 8x so that’s what I’ve set, I really can’t recall whether I’ve had to set that or it’s defaulted to 8x.

Its funny how the both give the same disc results. One is in the PC (NEC 7170) and the other (LG) is in an external case via USB 2.0. So a IDE conflict or cable issue must be out of the equation.

bump, sorry.

That looks like a really old version of CDSpeed. Just to rule out a possible software issue with newer drives - download 4.7.0.x from here:

See if that changes anything and repost a scan.

no, its 4.7 Im using.

I’m still having the same problem after trying a different cable on the NEC and even changing the power supply lead, for the heck of it.
I went out and got some Yuden -R 8x too, and not getting better results. I even reinstalled windows too, to eliminate any old driver or program crud.
Is there any other program I can scan with using the LG drive perhaps?

Here the lastest news anyway:

Do these burns read and play in other players? I’m no NEC expert (my last NEC was a 3550) but this may just prove that your drive is an unreliable scanner. Do you have afriend with a Benq - LiteOn or Plextor that would scan them for you to get a comparison result?

I’ve never owned a Nec that was a good scanner but I know some people have said they did. Looking at this thread:

I don’t see anybody posting scans from the 7170 - might be a sign of unreliable scanning results. Hopefully somebody with more experience with this drive will drop by. Good luck.

thanks I hope so too. I wouldnt want all my discs to be coasters, but at the same time I hope that Im not getting false results with each disc I scan.

you just cant seem to buy a BENQ in old stock here anymore (retail store) so my next best bet. I was thinking would be a LiteOn SH-16A7S. Anyone object to that model?

Ok, update,
So I DID buy the LiteOn and Im still getting this bad burns with this spikes at the half way mark.
This is the THIRD drive I own that is doing this, someone please help me lick this problem. Is there anything else I can try? Please!
Its not just on these MCC004s either I bought some unlabelled Yuden’s DVD-R 8x and they’re burning like crap too.
Bare in mind that this is on a new OS installation as well as the previous one.

I’ve been reduced to making 4 posts in a row without a reply or advice?

At which speed are those MCC004 burned and on which drive?
Also, what is the rating and brand of the PSU in your PC?

Ive tried them in all drives but the one here was burned in the LiteOn at 12x. And my PSU is in my sig.
Thanks for your reply.

Can you do a “Create Disc” test with the SH-16A7S in CD DVD Speed and post the screenshot? If you don’t want to waste a disc, use a -R TYG02 and check the “Simulate” tickbox. An MCC004 test @16X with accompanying “Disc Quality” scan would be even better. No other activity on the PC when burning and scanning.

Ok, I will, give me a bit and Ill have them up.

Well here are some scans, using some SONY DVD-Rs 16x (TY).

And here are the TY 8x DVD-R silver top, “generic” type. For some reason using the create a disc function seems fine here, but when I burn a ISO image of a movie, I get results like above.