Real Panaconic BD-R?

Hello. I need your precious help and i think this is the forum to be.

Bought those from ebay.
Got them yesterday and when i put them on my recorder instead of MEI-T02-001 mid code, they were MEIRA1(001). Also i did a search for the MPN LM-BR25LP25-SP, but all the links a found on Google were from this seller. Told the seller about that and his response is:
“we don’t really have much responsibility about MID codes because manufacturers changes MID codes without notice and they don’t advertise discs under MID codes neither is the MID code disclosed in their webpages or the product packaging, instead disc are sold under the manufacturer brand which is Panasonic in this case. What happened here is that we shipped the “6x speed” 1.3 version (technically up to 10x speed) which is currently more expensive instead of the 4x speed”
Are those genuine Panasonic? Is it true that they are more expensive? Thanks in advance for any answers.

*Screenshot from the opti drive disc info

If you’re asking “is MEI RA1” actually a Panasonic media code, it is. MEI = Matsushita Electric Industrial = what is now Panasonic. And it is indeed one of the higher-speed disc models, the 6x variant. (4x is T02, 2x is T01).

If you’re asking whether the discs are genuinely made by Panasonic, we can’t tell from the info, but there’s no reason to believe they would be fake. If you can read the codes on the inner part of a disc, we can doubly verify that they are indeed genuine, but i wouldn’t worry.

Not sure why the product code doesn’t come up on an internet search; it may be that Panasonic no longer sells 25 disc spindles, though at one time they did. (Most search results I get now are for 10, 30, and 50 disc spindles, with product codes similar to the one you mention – LM-BR25…).

And the actually cost of the discs depends. They might be more expensive in some stores but not others. But they are theoretically just as good as Panasonic’s other media.

seller says in description “Original discs carefully repacked in spindle cake”. [COLOR=Black]Inner code : Z6D6202A06019xx , where xx is different for every BD-R.

That sounds like a genuine disc, similar to the codes found on other MEI discs reported here: . :iagree:

The repackaging in that listing is well intended as it protects those types of disks from unintended damage by sleeves and packaging that makes contact with the data surface of the disk. It likely also helps with postage costs and delivery durability.

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