Real now offers burnable music files for 79 cents trough Rhapsody service

I just posted the article Real now offers burnable music files for 79 cents trough Rhapsody service.

It seems the good days for
music enthousiastics are coming closer. RealNetworks has announced today that it
will offer downloads of music files for 79 dollar cents, and the files can be…

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Well, this still brings the price of a cd with about 18 numbers to 14.22$, which is about what you’re paying now for a cd… and the quality will be less. ( if it’s mp3 format). All non-broadband users additionally still have to pay their phone bills, which will amount to about an hour a song, which will add something between .5$ and 1$ a song to the price… So the service is only good for people with broadband inet connections. The costs r still way 2 high.

True, but you’re getting the 18 tracks YOU want as opposed to a few that you might like on a particular CD.

We need to move music piracy into the mainstream to end the music business they deserve it, without the RIAA music will continue to be made, enjoyed and sold. Music is now mostly to the benefit of corporate middle men, who don’t add any value. A problem is with all the crazy copyrights will outlive any corporation, so the problems the RIAA have created will outlive them and all of us too. In the past music, print and movies could become part of the historic record but now thanks to the Mickey Mouse Copyright acts with copy protection (DRM) the future generations will have no way to learn about our culture because it will all be locked up somewhere and encrypted. Think of works like the bible locked up in an encrypted PDF format with no way to decrypt it. Or even know what it is; it will just be a chunk of data sitting on some disc.

>> Music is now mostly to the benefit of corporate middle men, who don’t add any value. true, true

except corporate middlemen are the reason you get to listen to the wide range of musical talent you have. Otherwise, you’d be listening to the local tuba player belting it out of his moms basement.

Guess what. A % of that 79c or whatever you pay for a ‘legal’ music download still goes into the RIAA’s coffers.

Yeah, but I doubt the artists ever see any of that dough. onlinetracker is dead wrong though. Just take a look at any free legal mp3 page (,, etc) and you will find a world of different good music. Music wants to be… and my guess is it wants to be free too.

Most anyone can record and encode their music and distribute it via the internet. It does not take a record deal to get your music out there. Most corporate middle men do not create talent or content but exploit them. Like other industries that have become obsolete and replaced with something better it’s time to end the music industry before they do any more damage. I can’t imagine there could be a billion people making and distributing unique music because I’m from a time when the music business controlled everything.

ah, but if you weren’t paying for your internet bill, you would be paying for the gas to get to the cd store. That is, unless you walk there, but then you would be paying for the extra energy expelled…
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