Real Networks seeks alliance with Apple to join forces

I just posted the article Real Networks seeks alliance with Apple to join forces.

It looks like Real has decided rather than compete with Apple and iTunes,
why not join one force to compete with the other? Real is currently seeking alliance with
Apple to create a…

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Considering that it’s been pointed out that MS fueled the whole Linux lawsuit via SCO does this mean Apple fueled the whole Real suing Microsoft for having a better video/audio player? PS: Windows Media Player was in Win3.1, which is 10yrs before Real was a company or a program. This lawsuit is absurd.

Of course Real wants to team with somebody against Microsoft. Real can no longer compete in a competetive or on a level playing field. Real (wether they admit to it or not) spammed their users to death, took over their PC, stole valueable ram that users needed back in the Win9x days and stole file extensions. Their app created a general dislike among a userbase that had accepted Real at one point. I think we can all agree there was a time when the ONLY way to watch video on the net was a Real video file. It was Real that screwed up their own market by not improving their codecs enough and trying to squeeze money from end users when they should have target websites only. I fully agree with the author of this article. Since Real screwed themselves now they are using dirty tricks (ex: current MS lawsuit) and are now teaming up with anybody they can to steal back their market. I’m real dissapointed Apple would even humor Real’s request. Apple has a good video player, a good audio player and total dominance in online music purchasing. Real is so below Apple that I lose a little bit of respect for Apple for even talking to Real who’s shadey tactics has caused our company to ban Real’s software on work PCs.