Real Mode Dos Patch For Windows ME

I just posted the article Real Mode Dos Patch For Windows ME.

Submitted by: Stevie Wonder

This patch will modify “IO.SYS”, “COMMAND.COM” and “REGENV32.EXE” in order to unhide the Real DOS-Mode on Windows…

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YES !!!
Dos is back in windows

Ohno… more Micro$oft…

Well i have had dis patch for about 2 weeks now, but it’s nice to see other peeps havin it now, if peeps wanted it they should have asked me…

oh well…

Man you guys are typing fast 2 articels in +/- 2 hours
go on and yeah we find every time a thing so DOS can work fine cuz we are the CDFreaks ow well i’m not but the makers are

Greetingz Woutiir

That is kool that you guyz are posting dis DOS patch and all but i do have to say one thang…


[end of message]

Cool, now i can ad DOS to my collection of OS’s


Will it work on W2k?

damnit MooSe !! grow a brain HEHEH! (sorry man!) no it wont, as the system isnt similar til WinME…
IF there was such a patch it would surely mean less security to win2k , which is the reason people actually RUN win2k instead of WinMe etc… so no use posting such a patch

Yeh! Got it. thx dingdong.
Do sometimes miss DOS though. Getting rusty.

This is an off-topic question,

I play Counter-Strike, there’s some programs that will let you see completely 3D Wireframe, and other things

So you basically will be able to see-thru the walls, etc.

Is there anyone who can show me how this works?

Thanks a lot!

MooSe: jap! know the feeling, still feel that for instance Fifa2000 would have run 200% faster on a P2-450… the games were amazing looking in DOS on a P-200mmx…
then the same games came out for windows, and were like 40% slower… hmm… feels like Microsoft are trying to make us buy more and more expensive systems…

Let take a look at this url :

The patch isn’t perfect. The fastboot option of WinME is completely fucked up so it’s just Win98.

The system files ARE Win98 files.

Just wanted you to know


concerning the wireframes, AFAIK it was an idea Riva was toying with for their latest drivers release. Didn’t activate it, tho. Too easy for the cheaters… :wink:

This Patch doesn’t work with a french release of Me.