Real MCC?

I found some unbranded disc with the same Z style code but it is printed like CMC’s CP/CM ang not laser etched like the usual Verbs. They also have inner hub serials which I don’t recognize. Are these real MCCs or are they fakes?

Could you post the inner hub serials.

I just saw them next to verbs in a shop. Comparing it to the verbs next to it, the numbers really have the same code style but not the font and way by which it was written. Could these be earlier batches of discs which are currently outsourced? They’re rated 8x by the way.

Unbranded? How can they be fakes if they are not pretending to be verbatim?

Well, I’d say they’re not MCC discs. If anything, buy verbatim and be sure that you are getting proper MCC discs rather than take a chance with unbranded media. :slight_smile:

What I mean is the code. Are the Z codes being faked? Maybe someone has seen these same weird Z codes. I also tried to emphasize the resemblance with the CMC CP/CM codes, hence the theory on being very old batches.

And, true verbs are sold at insane prices in my area. The reasonably prices ones are CMC E01s.

They don’t even have to be older batches, just different batches. Sounds like the real deal to me. I’d be very surprised if the MCC serial (that starts with ZD or whatever) has been faked.

One thing though. With Verbatim branded MCC made discs you expect a certain quality level. Other brands can sell inferior quality MCC made stuff too (though I don’t know how the grading system works). In Australia we have Iomega branded MCC (16x -r) and there is a noticable difference to Verbatim branded discs.

MAM-A bought some MCC stampers from Moser Baer, if I remember correctly.
Maybe [B]dakhaas[/B] knows more about that :confused:

While we’re on the topic of MCC 004, where are those discs made? I’m wondering what to look for on the packaging of Verb 16X DVD+Rs. Made in India? Singapore?

Mitsubishi Singapore does not make single layer DVD media anymore. :frowning:
The MCC 004 can be made by CMC in Taiwan, made by Prodisc in Taiwan, or made by Moser Baer in India.
Generally I prefer MCC 004 made by CMC in Taiwan. Prodisc and MBI switch places as the least favorites :slight_smile:

Awesome, thanks. As for being able to spot for sure whether it’s actually MCC 004, am I wrong in saying that’s a little more tricky? Are there other media IDs that could have made their homes inside a 50-piece cakebox of MIT or MII Verb 16X +Rs?


That is your interpretation. However I haven’t seen any solid evidence of the fact that MBIL sold MAM-A a MCC stamper. There is however lot’s of stuff pointing into the direction but nothing solid like I said. :rolleyes: [offtopic]

ZC/ZD is no guarantee that the MID is MCC.
There is other media with other MID’s that uses this stamper coding.

000-001 - MID.(MAM-E or maybe bought from somewhere else labelled as MAM-E’s own product.) ->

Then there is Philips ->

Then there is MBIL ->
(Good bet that this stamper was actually supplied by MCC !)

Even with the ZC/ZD codes on those discs, the stamper number isn’t 100% exact to MCC, though admittedly VERY close…

I agree with Two Degrees, they don’t follow the MCC scheme. ZC7692-DVD-[B]R4 .7GB-4X[/B] and ZC7171-DVR-[B]X47AP2[/B] are different. MCCs would have some thing like I47C or H47C.

The ones I saw have the same scheme as true MCCs but they’re not written the same way as these, Rather, they are written the same way as CMCs printed CP/CM codes.

Update, just found a post which is similar to the ones I found. The inner serials are the same as these,