Real manufactoring companies!

Hi all,

i see many brands here and there, that are said to be a reband of other brands, so who make what, who make the base hardware unit and give it to others, and is it better to get main base maker, or rebranded ones:

Liteon, waitec, sony has some similar models (Waitec Action 8 = Liteon 851S = sony sonething),
LG, who makes them?
Benq & philips seem similar sometimes
sony and MSI has a similar product between them, don’t know the numbers…

i (quite) decided on liteon 851 or 812.

Liteon and SONY are same, all made by Liteon. LG makes it own and so does Samsung. ASUS make their own.

Add Toshiba and Samsung to the “twins list.”

sounds like a smart choice.