Real klite 2.4.4 and new kazaa lite tools k++ 2.7.0

check it out

no adware like klr.

a real client no adware no spyware, idependent web, free, unlike klr you don’t have to donate 10$ the get the special version (which still is no where near as good as klt k++ 2.7.0)


official home

official forum

Where can we send the bil for advertising fees? :wink:

give the guy a break, its free software :stuck_out_tongue:

not realy advertising, but just letting people know whats out there since i didn’t see anything about it here and its been out for a whole year.

if i have offended you or the forum in anyways please forgive me that was not my intentions i’m sorry.

btw you can give me the bill here or send it to :slight_smile:

or i can add your site to the next build of klt k++'s web window inside the client :slight_smile:

KLR ain’t adware nor spyware

Hey…I did leave it open…didn’t I?

It is a thin line between advertising / spamming and making people aware of a useful product. Just wanted to leave some kind of warning, but not one that should be taken too serious…If I really felt it was inappropriate, you can be sure I would have edited or deleted the post :wink:

no so what the hell are these???

FSP also forces you to pay for KLR.

SP also offers “special services” to people who pay for KLR

Refunds: If you desire a refund within 2 weeks of donating, there will be a $4 service charge, please note; if the amount is no greater than $9 we cannot refund the payment. If you submitted your payment more than 2 weeks ago you are not eligable for a refund. :cool:

just cause they have ads on their site doesn’t mean there’s adware in the program, I use KLR and it doesn’t contain adware or spyware and you can use it for free. You donate if you want to, but you don’t have to. Besides, on your site when you click the links you’ve provided, there’s ads on them as well by Clicksor. Those ads on your site keep the site free doesn’t it?!

the ads displayed are from the inside of klr’s web, klt(the client itself) unlike klr has absoulutly no ads anywhere near it.

face it, you said its got no ads and i post a screen shot of google ads($) and the google search($) which also makes them money and directs you to p2pscam sites.

they make all kinds of false statements, if you donate $5 you get and i quote “Access to a Private Prenium Network Downloads Server for lightening fast downloads” thats pure bullshit, scam scam scam

on top of that klr is only there for your donation, and so is fsp, their soul reason for existing is to make moeny, they could careless about the p2p community or us usres.

no if you wanna support scammers go ahead, but you gonna have problem bs others as long as i’m around buddy.

in its entier existence klite has never, has,had,or will ever have ads in it, wake up and smell the scam

for anybody who is intelegent enough to tell the difference between p2psites and clients that care about us users and not our donations go here to read more about the scam

just look at this bullshit

well honestly man, to let you know, when I start KLR (which isn’t much anymore as I’ve been using emule and bittorrent), I go straight to the transfer or search tabs, I don’t even bother paying any attention to that web shit. So really, as far as I’m concerned I don’t give a fu@k. Its free, so thats what I care about. Atleast we agree on one thing and that is that these progs should be free and we shouldn’t pay for any that aren’t when there are plenty clients that are free. And they’re not scamming me cause no money came out of my pocket, I’m not an idiot, I know whats out there. So maybe they do scam other people, and I don’t agree with that, but I guess if it was me I’d be pissed.

yes but we must also filter the scam sites, for example a klite scam site that tells you “pay 20 dollars and get free music and movies” should not be supported in any which way.

now look at this image you see that fsp is doing the same thing except that they ask for $5 to $dollors for bullshit reasons, like:

“use the beta version of klr” why if klr is free then why does anybody need to pay 20$ to use the version that is in production and not even complete, as we all know beta mean: an application in the process of being completeted, thus unfinished, buggy and not stalbe, now why would you have to pay 20$ to be able to use that??

all they are doing is getting you to pay 20$ and then using you as a tester which they benefit from.

so you see saying give me 20$ and get music and videos, is no different then saying give me 20$ and use klr beta .

if klr is free then why do you have to pay to use the beta???

scam, scam, scam

don’t support these scammers.

never in its entier history did you have to pay to download klite or use its development versions(beta)

there has never been ads in any version of klite or any need to pay to use any part of it.

please don’t support these scammers, klt k++ has all the options of klr and even more options. it has more tools and even more tools to add then the ones it comes with.
its all free, not a dime, no money needed to try the beta ones if you like, no money needed for anything, all they need is for you to enjoy klt and get the files you want, please support them by using the client,, for support, everything is free no need to pay for anything.

Hey Bro?
Neil Dorin, I live in San Jose, Ca. and I am a cnc machinist and a commercial fisherman!! When it comes to

computers, Im a moron. This is the 1st time I have ever posted anything on the “net.” I could shure use

some help. Ihave been running kazaa klite k++ 2.4.2 for 2 yrs. It was most excellent to me. when a pop-up

showed a free way better version of k-lite(little did I know) I installed it. F_ck, It was a set-up. Not only did it

not work, it did something to my orig, k++ so that after I uninstalled it,my orig. k++ doest show search in the

toolbar.I am totally bummed.
I have been trying to find kazaa klite k++2.4.4 (the old “excellent”) download. Everywhere I try is a message

about “sharman” not allowing any companys to have k++ for download.Those bastards. Whats a guy to do?
Could & would anybody please help me out, or point me in the right direction. It would be greatly

appreciated. Seriously.