REAL European TDKs?

Three weeks ago,it was officially announced that TDK closes down it’s Luxemburg
factory that has produced DVD/CD-Rs. I heard about European made TDK dvds (and in
fact I know someone who was in the factory),but never been able to identify a
Luxemburg made TDK DVD-R. I do use their 8x and 16x brand as an alternative to
unavailable(at least here) Made in Japan spindles,but they never put a ‘Made In’ on their packages (jewel or spindle).
DVDIdentifier only comes up with “TDK Corp” and TTH or TTG.I’m reading here that these
are made by CMC in Taiwan (?)
The lettering on the disc is identical on all TDKs I have,I think starting with anS.
So how can You tell a REAL European made TDKdvd-r?

The serials on my Luxembough TTH02 are:

mirror band - DVD-R 4906A2
clear inner hub - C05C222307cA344

And on my MIT TTH02:

mirror band - DVD-R 5420B2
clear inner hub - MOP6A9JI26175922 D3

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The dark base of the Luxembourg cakeboxes has a five-letter code above the recycling sign, usually BWAEB or something similar. The dark base is slightly brighter than the CMC or MBI cakebox bases.

The Luxembourg cakeboxes have a rounded top, and have a smaller “Lock” and “Open” writing in the same font which is used by MBI.

It could be that this media made in Taiwan is CMC made, and we have strong evidence that it is because of the cakebox style, but the MOP-coded media (which I also have bought) hints that CMC is using different production facilities, technologies or locations for TDK media than they’re using for Verbatim brand media.

MIL media can also be found branded as imation or Sony.

Does “Made in Luxemburg” shows up on your packages?
Thanx for the info. Rather confusing, but my 16x (TTH02) are
50 spindle:
DVD-R 5622A2
DVD-R 5420B2 (this is the same Buck’s MIT disc)
5257 406-REF (but this is different)
I always thought the jewel-case version is from EU while the
spindle is MIT but that’s just an assumption.

I’ve got “MADE IN LUXEMBOUGH” stickers on the bottom of all my spindles.

Your 50pk is definately made by CMC. I really am not sure about your jewel cased version, but I’m thinking it could be made by MBIL in India. I believe that’s the only other manufacturer making authentic TTH02.

CMC also makes authentic TTH02.

Do CMC also make TDK003 coded discs for TDK?

I’m not sure, but I think the plus media is mostly made by MBI, and occasionally CMC and TY (with TY code).

In the meantime,I got a TDK DVD+R 8x but it looks totally different
than the 8x I have (which are blue top).
This one is silver top and the stamper code is also different and it’s CMC MAG E001 so these
I’m sure by CMC Taiwan but it’s a different product/dye altogether compared to the TT stuff.

Maybe MAM-E made TDK (so made in france)??? (Very likely !)

That’s not always true, because I have seen lots of MIT and MII jewel cased DVD media from TDK in Germany.
MAM-E is not the only company making discs in France, MPO also does (Hi-Space brand).

You forget something.
A - MPO doesn’t make disc’s for TDK.
B -CMC/MBIL use different serials.

I was purely speculation about the it being very good possable that the TDK disc’s with the specific serial were made by MAM-E.

Point is we know MAM-E makes TTH01 code disc’s for TDK (and also uses it themselves) what we so far don’t know is the serial that’s used for the TDK disc’s made by MAM-E.

What we(at least I) do know is all the serial systems used by the other parties that make media for TDK.
So a serial that is different from those would be very likely MAM-E and it’s even easier if it has TTH01 code.

I’m only speculating about the specific serial. (Why else quote the serial !):
5257 406-REF This one !!!

As you know the MAM-E factory in France is now in a financial breakdown.

The court judgment which took place on Oktober the 3rd in Colmar :
A the moment the production at Ensisheim is stopped but are still blank discs there being kept under control of the judge.

[B][I]Before [/I] [/B] all this happened I got
[B][I]from this factory at Ensisheim [/I] [/B]
some samples of TTH01 MID codes manufactured there.
The label is the normal TDK « blue label » usual in the days of the 4x and 8x certified DVD’s
The serial in the clear inner hub is:

  • these numbers are printed in black not stamped into the clear inner hub -

one disc has: [B]5273D2203427 4 G[/B]

an other disc has: [B]5273D2203448 3 G[/B]

The mirror band is always : [B]DVD-R 5301B2[/B]

I burned a few of them and their burn quality is good, nearly as good as for example the TTH01 ScratchProof with grey label.
After all the discs I have are [B]normal labelled [/B] TDK DVD’s and so should burn well

5257 406-REF
I should have taken into acount aditional spaces.
Then it becomes.
5257 406 -R E F
ANd that is a MBIL serial !

Thanks to franz99 for posting some MAM example codes.

KG Boy, those 8X TTG02 discs that worked out for You have the MAH serials?

For the TDK DVD+R 16x [media code TDK-003] sold at the moment by
if you click on "Closup 1"
you can clearly read the serial in the inner hub: [B]5233 404+R E B 048988[/B]

Assuming that the [U]photo[/U] [U]corresponds[/U] with the [U]real[/U] [U]media[/U] [U]sold[/U],
[B]this is a Moser Baer serial (*) [/B].

So I suppose MBIL is manufacturing these 16x certified DVD’s for TDK ?
But my question is even more precise: is there any way to tell that this production by MBIL is:

  • made with a “true” 16x dye
  • or an oldier production of 8x certified dye labelled with DVD+R 16x and the TDK-003 MID code

B [/B] I believe this is a MBIL serial because of this post made by lordyu (for the Verbatim brand):