Real easy question about burning CD

I am going to burn a game for my son on a CD and just wondered which format I should use…am a newbie in the game department. Do I burn it as a data CD? Thanks.

If you have tio burn the game in CD rather than DVD then burn the game in VCD or better in SVCD format.

So where do I find this VCD or SVCD format? Which program do I use? I have Nero Essentials but can’t find any option for that.

Please ignore the reference to VCD & SVCD. They’re just movie formats & nothing to do with games.

It really depends what format the game is in now. So without knowing that it’s hard to say.

What has a game to do with VCD or SVCD?? :rolleyes:

Please give us more info, eg. what program you have used to create the image/backup.

Hey; what don’t guys really provide your own good solution to the poster problem rather than always start nitpicking and bragging about others suggestion. So what your solution?

Hi Wiskerluv
What program do you have to do the backup copy with :confused:
you can try using DVDFab Platinum and use the “Clone Mode” it will give you an exact copy of it no matter what the format it is :cool:
also use a DVD to copy it to :smiley:

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I always cause a problem when I ask for advice…lol. Anyway, I just burned the game to my HD and have done nothing else. I have no idea what format they are in - there are 3 main files: Audio, Data, and FMV. I will d/l the DVDFab and see what I can do. These files are just files and haven’t been made into ISO. I wanted to burn to CD because the game is only 128 mbs. and that would fit on a CD, unless its necessary to put on a DVD then I will. Thanks


most CD burning applications have a “copy entire disc” option. That should work unless there is some copy protection. In that case, special software like Alcohol 120%, Clone CD and similar is required, and also the drives used for reading and writing are not unimportant then.
As I am not into games, I can’t provide further details. But you may browse through the several sections of the CDfreaks forum, I am sure, you’ll find additional useful information.


is it a free game or commercial one? did you copied from original CD or downloaded from internet? you sad you copied entire 128MB install files to your Hard Drive. burn a DATA CD and see if the game install fine from that CD. If it is a commercial game then the original CD i probably protected and you need software like Alcohol 120% to make a full copy of the original CD. We need more info.

Yes I downloaded from the internet. I will also try and get Alcohol 120. Thanks for the advice. Will let you know.

If you’ve downloaded the game from internet the just burn the files to a CD as DATA CD. That’s It.

YAY!!! I have a small no-frills program called Small CD Writer and burned the game with it and it plays just fine on the laptop. My son has already played the game so everything is cool. Thanks for everyone;s help!!