Real DVD to allow legal copies of dvds on your hard drive



Real has a new application for copying dvds in their entirety to your hard drive, encryption and all, and allowing playback through their Real DVD player. There are some major restrictions however, since the copies cannot be burned to a disk, they have a new layer of DRM added, they cannot be transcoded to another format, and you are required to buy the Real DVD player.

The story is at ArsTechnica


Interesting, Thanks Kerry


Well that’s a start. Even though they don’t allow you
to copy the dvd Hollywood [instead of hunting the internet
for pirates] should allow downloading of dvd’s at a discount.
Not only would it put a dent into the problem of pirating[though
not completely] It would make it easier for people and more
convenient somrthing better then what real,and net flix are


The last time I looked, authentic pirate downloads allowed the users to burn to DVD and transcode and can be played with free software.
You can even get ratdvd’s on P2P which maintain the DVD’s menu structure & extra’s.

Still not good enough :wink: