Real dumb question! But I needs to know

I really didnt wanna do it like this but i might have to! I was seriously looking into getting an HP 420VE external burner but i am also thinking now that maybe the NEC3500 is a better choice. BUT I WANT TO have an external burner. I have heard u can buy a external case for this internal burner? IS this true? where and HOW would I hook it up to the case? And is the case the only thing i will need for it to work as an external burner?

And one more question for you guys and girls…

If this wont work with the casing…what external DVD burner do u all reccomend for around no more than 200 bucks shipped?

Thanks so much everyone for your time and support

I do aprecciate it!


There are generic external cases that you can hook internal IDE devices up to using either USB 2.0 or firewire. I think you can find some at newegg. Or just google/froogle it. You will also need the appropriate cabling of course.