[Real classic] - 457th comic - Garfield and his friend the mailman... [Part 10]

Heya everybody,

I’ve got news today, which will sure be some sad news for you all … or at least for some of you all. You know I’ve been doing this comic Blindwrite stuff for nearly 8 years now and this is really a long time. To be honest I wanted to give up this comic stuff a long time ago but all of you have encouraged me to continue this stuff… until today where I will announce my retirement from this Blindwrite Comic business. I know I’ve announced it before and we already talked about it but today I want to make sure everybody understands it. I will finish this Blindwrite Comic stuff and I just can hope you enjoyed those 8 years as much as I did.

I’ve been thinking about how to finish those Blindwrite comic series and I still got some ideas… so this is NOT the last comic today but 2009 will be the last year. I don’t know how much more comics will arrive in the next time. I’m sure there will still some comics for all of you. I don’t know if we can make it to comic number 500… well I don’t think so but we will see…

Don’t be angry with me you know it is really some work to do all this stuff for 8 years … and I really could finish it now and say: That’s it! But I’m not doing this. I think we really need a good ending for those comics and I promise I will think about some good last comics for all of you!

…and that’s why we go back to the basics today. Garfield has ordered a new Blindwrite version and is waiting for it. So check out this comic.


…still to be continued…


Alex we all enjoy your comics and thank you for…well 5 years (that is the time i have been here reading them). You will be missed by me and others here i am sure.

But please come back and say hi from time to time.

I for one am not mad at you and i hope this retirement is not from health reasons.

I wish you well Alex and thank you for giving me so many laughs, you always made my day and put a broad smile on my face with every posting.
You will be sorely missed.
Good luck for the future.
" May your Camel never go thirsty in the desert of life."

Yo Alex-



Nice comic.

@ Alex, we knew this time would come. :sad: