REAL CD Cloning ?!

Does exist commands to read -or better! write- the complete CD “groove” from the very begin to end?

Why afaik every writer and/or soft only uses standard Lead-In with simple inserted TOC?

Is there at all a chance to read (and save) the whole 4500 LEAD-IN sectors of a disc (1 minute, or roughly 9 megabytes) RAW inclusive Subchannels ?!?

CU, Sam

Check the MultiMedia Command Set - 3 (MMC-3) Standard

good info, but it seems this (MMC-3) 1363-D is still under development and not published yet.

And on the link you gave me they have 30 Megs of MMC.pdfs on their ftp, I have no clue which one of them is useful.

CU, Sam

MMC-1 and MMC-2 are also there

the file mmc3r00a.pdf was already t-10/1363-D -cool.
But as long as I’m no programmer, I can’t use the commands.
I’ve heard a rumor a modified firmware for the Yamaha 400t was able to write some “more RAW” discs then others.