Real capacity of a DVD-R/DVD+R?

Probably been asked many times, but here we go.

Havent bought a DVD writer yet, but mastering a DVD for a friend, he has the Sony DRU500.

So whats the max a DVD-R/DVD+R can hold? I know it says 4.7GB but isn’t that like hard drive GB, real size is alot less, like 4,700,000,000 bytes.

The DVD I have put together is 4,668,352,512 bytes, and Nero doesn’t complain about to big in a layout, as no red line in bottom of window.

Just wanted to make sure.


Nevermind, found the answer myself

[4.3.2] DVD-R

DVD-R (which is pronounced “dash R” not “minus R”) uses organic dye technology, like CD-R, and is compatible with most DVD drives and players. First-generation capacity was 3.95 billion bytes, later extended to 4.7 billion bytes. Matching the 4.7G capacity of DVD-ROM was crucial for desktop DVD production. In early 2000 the format was split into an “authoring” version and a “general” version. The general version, intended for home use, writes with a cheaper 650-nm laser, the same as DVD-RAM. DVD-R(A) is intended for professional development and uses a 635-nm laser. DVD-R(A) discs are not writable in DVD-R(G) recorders, and vice-versa, but both kinds of discs are readable in most DVD players and drives. The main differences, in addition to recording wavelength, are that DVD-R(G) uses decrementing pre-pit addresses, a pre-stamped (version 1.0) or pre-recorded (version 1.1) control area, CPRM (see 1.11), and allows double-sided discs. A third version for “special authoring,” allowing protected movie content to be recorded on DVD-R media, was considered but will probably not happen.


DVD Disc Capacity

Type Disc Format Quoted
Disc Capacity Actual *
Disc Capacity
DVD 5 Single Sided, Single Layer 4.7 GB 4.38 GB
DVD 9 Single Sided, Dual Layer 8.5 GB 7.95 GB
DVD 10 Dual Sided, Single Layer 9.4 GB 8.75 GB
DVD 18 Dual Sided, Dual Layer 17 GB 15.90 GB
DVD R Single Sided 4.7 GB 4.38 GB

  • Actual Disc Capacity
    Please note like hard drives a DVD Discs’ capacity is quoted as if 1 GB is 1000 MB, unfortunately it is not as 1 GB is 1024 MB, therefore a DVD R disc can contain up to 4.38 GB of actual data (4,700,000,000 bytes).