Real backup?

Hi to all, and sorry for my english,
I see bakup of my SafeDisc 2 protected game, when started, have check time longer than originals; it is clearly visible that cd-rom drive aren’t able to read the damaged sectors as not well as originals. This problem has arisen when I installed Windows XP, instead of Windows 2000 and I use Alcohol (last release).
I state beforehand that before I used CloneCD and Diskjuggler, and the backups worked perfectly, but now DiscJuggler does bad backups either.
My writer is an ASUS CRW5224 with firmware version 1.36! I used several brand supports, as TDK, MAGNEX, IMATION … I also tried 4X reading and writing speed.
The incriminated game is “pirates of caribbean”, which does not seem either to be a recent version of SafeDisk.
Thanks, bye.

What is the version of SafeDisc? You can find some simple tools here. Your ASUS should have absolutely no problems at all in any software.

pirates of the carribbean has safedisc v2.9 copies fine using safedisc profile using alcohol 120% . However if your playing back in your asus cd writer you would need to activate ignore media type in emulation settings.