Real avi format

I don’t know if this is the right place to ask. Is it possible to converted real avi format to the mpeg format that my stand alone dvd player can played? If yes, any suggestions?

winavi, convertxtodvd

I tried convertxtodvd software. It will not convert real media file to dvd format. The web site for this sofrtware does not indicate it could do Real files.
Thanks for info

Have you tried Nero? It can convert quite a lot of stuff to dvd compliant files.

There´s also Premiere Elements which I use for my own dv to disc.

Can you tell us what your source is for the “real avi”?

Tried Nero recode. Nero doesn’t see the Real video files. The Real video files are music video. I would like to be able to convert them to dvd format so I can see them using my stand alone dvd player.

This program [B]Super[/B] says it can do it…probably can, cos everything else I´ve had problems with has worked perfectly and quickly with this one …it´s also FREE, so give it a try and let us know

Do you mean mean you have a Real Media file? Try install Real ALternative and then see if one of the existing tools like Nero Recode can do it.

Thanks for all the help. Tried Super, unable to make it work. Presently, trying Winavi Video converter. It might look promising. Will post results while I’ve tried it.

:bigsmile: You should that long long ago…

Winavivideo converter definitely works. although there seems to be slight pictures jitters audio misalingement after the conversion. I’ll have to do more experimenting to see if I can make it go away.