REAL 1:1 copies in the near future?

I just posted the article REAL 1:1 copies in the near future?.

Think CloneCD will keep it place in the market? Don’t think so. First CDDAO, RawCD, CD Mate, and now CD-Master Clone…

A new software called “CD-Master Clone” promises to make perfect backups…

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-Master clone writes in the RAW mode, which the total check of the written data permitted and genuine 1:1 create copies of your CDs. With the correct equipment CD master clone can make executable copies independently of the CD, whether these CDs possess a copy protection or not.
Sounds a lot like CloneCD. With the correct hardware you can also copy everything with CloneCD. It would be interesting if the program was freeware…

right on gam3fr3ak

Hi! I totally agree with those guys but think this if it is possible? that would be cool if this works, I mean really works, in all kind of protections! :g but Clonecd is still best software now! :slight_smile:

Please don’t post this stuff in future - it’s clearly just a competing company trying to sell their products.

Promises, Promises, Promises… lol

Ehm…wow. A programm that can copy copyprotections??? hmmm, I think I must buy it. Hey, another proggy that starts to handle more protections. What about a copy programm that can copy PSX without needing a fucking modchip? I developers claim that their proggys can make real 1:1 copys, why cant they make PSX 1:1 copys, copying the bootsheme. I mean, its just digital data that can be read by a laser, so why do not they try something really new or are they scared by Sony to get to court for this feature? anyway another nice proggy, but a bit late.

PSX-> That bit of protection is on the part of the cd which a normal drive cannot read…

More 1:1 claims… whoo!! What makes these guys think they can do what other programs cannot? Can they magically make a drive read previously unreadable sectors? Does it use voodoo?

Better yet, why doesn’t a hardware vendor come out with a drive that can read/write these junk sectors?

Probably doesn’t read/write SubChannel Data though… Of course the masses do not always get the best available… There is one thing that CloneCD can do that others can’t… Write uncorrected subchannel data!

hey Imao2k, i dont believe that the standard cdrom drive isn’t able to read these information, its just depending on the firmware and cd reading engine. Believe everything that offers digital information must be copyable, okay, you can say, come on try to program something like this, but i think there is always a way. You see those emulators running psx games, n64 and many more. Everything is possible that is written digitaly. Im just waiting, cause i have no knowledge about such stuff, but im sure that it is possible. even if its hard work.

Standard CD readers, CAN read the protection from PSX discs. However the protection can only be burned properly using the special burners leased by Sony for copying PSX discs. Even commercial CD duplicators can’t write the protection properly. However, it is possible to hack the firmware for your burner to enable PSX discs to be copied properly. Unfortuatly, as there seems to be no hacked firmware to be found on the internet. Maybe if you’re a good coder you could do it yourself…

Can it copy DVD’s ?? Does somebody knows software who does ?? (except VOB) :7

Standard CD readers CANNOT read the PSX country code protection. So don’t confuse the newbies please.

TH7 all I know is that there are people who modified the firmware for their burner and are using it to make backups playable on non modded machines. Just follow this link and read some of the PSX articles :7

Here’s the link:

Nighthawk, I agree that a modified firmware could allow a PSX cd to be copied perfectly. But, after reading the articles from your link I found that they know shit! The protection they are describing is not the country code protection. The country code protection are hidden information that a mod chip produces - the codes SCEE, SCEA, SCEI. The described zeroed EDC/ECC are a secondary form of protection - meaning defeating it still does not allow for booting a PSX without mod chip. Most of the current CDR drives can defeat that already - without modified firmware.

Also, sorry, I forgot, the described country code in the first five sectors are actually another secondary form of protection. There is a PRIMARY main country code protection that is not found on any of the sectors read by CDROM or writer.

TH7 I see what you mean, with regards to the country code. So I guess that people using modified firmware have to patch the image before burning?