Readyboost USB flash drive

I am after advice again :o I want a USB flash drive that is Readyboost compatible to speed up my C2D 4300, with 1 GB ram. From what i have researched i am looking for one that is either 1GB or 2GB. Microsoft recommend a ratio of computer RAM to Flashdrive RAM of 1:1 or upto 1:2.5. So ideally I would like something that is 2GB. Thanks for any help i recieve :slight_smile:

Personally I would look at upping your ram from 1GB to 2GB, the speed boost you will get from doing this will far exceed what a USB pen will give you.

As for a USB pen to act as a ready boost device, you will need to go for as fast as possible. There is a review of some here

Thanks Quakrz but my current MoBo only has two RAM slots and both are filled- 2X512MB so till i get a new mobo I dont want to upgrade the memory. Plus I can use the readyboost USB pen on my second pc then.