Ready to throw my Plextor 708A against the wall-HELP!

Hello everyone

i am a new poster to this site but I have been reading it religiously for the last week. My husband and I just bought a Plextor 708A internal DVD burner. Based on everthing I’d read online we thought it was the best and that it would work great in our system. BOY WERE WE WRONG!! We have been trying to backup some DVD movies and every single one of them PIXELATES LIKE CRAZY!!! in our home DVd player. Then we put it back in the burner and sometimes it pixelates and sometimes it doesn’t but then it always pixelates and freezes in our DVD player and always at DIFFERENT times for the same movie. We have not had truly successful burn yet!! The following are our computer specs, Dvd specs, and EVERYTHING we have tried. PLEASE HELP US!!

Computer Specs: Pentium 3- 850 MHz processor, 512 MB RAM, ASUS motherboard, Plextor 708A DVD burner

DVD player: Mintek 2100- this player is great and according to other sites plays all types of media

Media using: Memorex DVD+RW- Phillips 041 code, which is recommended by Plextor, Maxell DVD+R

Programs we have used: DVD X Copy 1.5.2, DVD X Copy version 3. something (sorry, hubby is computer brains in family), DVd X Copy 4. something, DVD Decrypter (most current version, downloaded 2 days ago), Nero (again most current version, downloaded yesterday), DVD Shrink, Easy CD DVD Creator 6 (yes, I know this sucks!!)

Other things we have done- before you even suggest, we have:

  1. checked ASPI settings and updated them on adaptec website last night
  2. tried burning at slower speed (4X or 2.4X)
  3. tried different types of media
  4. checked to make sure DMA was properly installed, whatever, fixed it last night
  5. tried not burning to egde of disk
  6. tried all above mentioned programs and all possible combinations of
  7. made sure nothing was running in the background
  8. made sure buffer wasn’t underrunning
    ETC… ETC…ETc…

Basically I have been reading forum threads for the last 96 hours trying to determine what is going on and we have tried everything under the sun!!


THANKS :slight_smile: :):slight_smile:

-Danni dino

what software are you using…doesn’t sound like the drive to me…:slight_smile:

As for software, do you mean the burning softwre? We are using a combination of Vd Shrink and DVD Decrypter or just DVd Decrypter or DVD copy for the ripping and Nero for burning or DVD X Copy for everything. We’ve tried alot!!

First check if the backupped discs are also very pixelated when you play them on your computer.

It could be , that your standalone dvd player uses an old(er) chip to decode the mpeg.

If this also fails , try the following :

  • make sure you use the latest dvdshrink (3.1.7.something)
  • Check if you have the 1.06 firmware on your plextor.

1 Pop in original movie in your plextor
2 Open up a dvd playback program and play a little of the original movie
3 Close the dvd playback program
4 Open up dvd shrink and open the drive to let dvdshrink analyse the disc.
5 Tag everything and click on the analysis button
6 Backup everything to harddisk , create AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS maps
7 Close every open program
8 Remove the original disc from the plextor and fire up Nero
9 Choose the “DVD Video” template in Nero , make sure you cache everything (tab menu 4 or something). If possible tick the compatibility mode or booktype.
10 write and tick verify
11 make sure the verifcation produced no errors , close all programs
12 playback this backup with your pc and check for pixelation
13 playback this backup with your standalone player and check for pixelation

this may take several hours per movie , but it’s one of the most reliable methods.