Ready to get upset? New Sony MediaMax patch not secure

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      The last update for MediaMax software present on many  Sony/BMG discs as a digital rights management "solution", mentioned earlier today in this  story, is not a good one, ...
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not surprised; you should always disable auto-start & do not run any program from your dvds & cds

I think that MS may have to create a patch that does away with autoplay!

After format my PC: 1º XPAntispy autoplay OFF! 2º… :S

DOH!!! I’m sure not buying any of their cr*p!! :r

Say, if you really want a good laugh, or view a totally confused writer at the BBC News online dated 8th December 2005 title “Anti-piracy CD problems vex Sony” link= Man this is one confused staff writer! Oh well, to read and be confused, at the same time over “XCP” and “Mediamax” !:X

This entire fiasco is just sooooo representative of the attitude of the music industry. They seem to think the entire world is here at their pleasure. They seem to think all consumers do is go around dwelling on their products and no one can live without them. Now after years of the industry trying to bully the broadcasting industry and technology developers they seem to have decided that if you purchase a product they own your computer too…or at least have the rights to take over whatever part of it they wish without your permission. When it is in their interest to call consumers theives, hackers and pirates they act as if they have taken the high road. When it comes to hacking your computer an turning it into a collection pit for other vulnerabilities they play dumb claiming thay had no advance knowledge of the mess they were going to create. So what do they do? They make a cursory effort by collecting up some of the discs and then turn around and ship out another dose of the same faulty software. Did they check or have experts insure there were not going to be issues with the second round of “protection” software? I am am sure they did, but after already claiming ignorance they seem hell bent on proving that they really are ignorant. If little johnny hacker creates and releases a virus and gets caught he goes to jail. Sony apparently has license to dump this potentially damaging software on the market and then expect the public and experts to figure it all out. Since when is a multi billion dollar corporation excused from this activity? To make the scenerio worse they are charging people for product that does this. What in the world has happened to this company? It seems out of control. I think the federal government needs to take an active roll in protecting the public interest here. No corporation should be entitled to go this far at their own discretion. My God next thing you know they will be putting code in their CDs that causes your computer to generate a specific radio frequency. Then all they will have to do is drive little while vans up and down the street and collect data. Don’t laugh! There are others already driving those little white vans.

Could it be that SunnComm hate Sony as much as the rest of us? After the whole rootkit thing they may have just thought “Cool, now how can we completely f**k Sonys reputation”. I mean, if you had that kind of opertunity can you honestly say you wouldn’t have done the same thing?

its time to kill a corperate company and the easiest way is hit them hardest in the pocket no sales no company.

I am totally fed up with the continuing stream of bovine fecal material that SONY is dumping on it’s paying customers, all in the misguided attempt to stop piracy. Pirates don’t buy CDs, Sony. -Jazz

Yup it is time to vote with your wallet, from those blank discs that Sony makes to their wondeful music CD’s and that new Plasma TV. I have just shut down all 5 of my XM radio subscriptions. Because I don’t need a DJ to tell me any thing, I don’t need a comercial telling me what channel I am on nor do I need a ad telling me that If I want to be a DJ for the day go to, get this “Rolling Rock .Com” Huh. Isn’t that a commercial. Hey, I have over 800 leagally purchased CD’s. I will be ok with out Sony or XM. To Other Corporation out there that thinks The public is Stupid. “We vote with our wallets”. Havn’t seen much of me lately huh Sam Walton. Thanks for this wonderful forum CD freaks!