Ready to buy

After searching the internet about a DVD for days I found this site[thank god] and have learned a lot already.
I would like to buy a burner in the next few minutes and have decided on either the NEC 2500A or the 2510A .
I found the 2500 on newegg for 75 bucks and the 2510 with software for 94 bucks[ beige color] in stock at pc gear.
Is this a good company to deal with.Newwegg gets good reviews ,I don’t know anything about PC Gear.
I would like to know if its worth spending the extra 20 bucks to et the newer version .
By the way I’m having a harder time picking where and what type of disk to buy for the burner than I did finding what type of burner to buy.
Thanks and what a great site to find for info on this topic.

Without a link to “pc gear”, I have no idea what store you’re talking about.
You can look up consumer reviews for various online stores at: &

If you want DL burning and software included, go for the 2510 package.
If you don’t care about DL burning and have your own software, get the 2500 at newegg. (I believe newegg also has a good price on the 2510)