Ready to buy, but one question first please

I’m on the 16th day of the free trial period and i have to say this is one of the better programs that I have used. The support that I see is unparralled in my opinion, My only question is I don’t surf the net at home, due to too many viruses and the slow modem, live in the country and no fast service available, so I have stripped my computer of modem and all software for the net, only use computer for digital camera work and backing up my dvd’s. I’m not sure how your serial number and activation code works, so just want to know if I can buy and not have to validate on line. If that works I’m in

when you purchase the program you are sent the key via email. from there you can save it to removable media or your hard drive ( or both) and can then use it to register your program. or reregister it after a reinstal of windowsl. and no you dont have to be connected to the net to do so.

thanks for the quick response, will be buying the program momentarily