Ready made hacked versions?


a few weeks ago Terminalvelocd made his prehacked firmware for the (451S@)851S available, version 2.0.0 using the latest GS0H firmware, and version 1.0.0 for the 401S/411S/811S.
This was great, cause it provided me and I’m sure others with a handy, simple to use firmware that instantly upgraded our 451’s to 851’s, and the others too.

From what I later read, is that there are some other firmware versions that are better at writing certain kind of media.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a list of those, with the original firmwares and the ready hacked ones, somewhere?
Or would that be completely out of the question for some legal or pr reason I’m not aware of?

Sure it’d be quite a task, but currently it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack, and although I’m a complete nerd who spends hours behind my pc, I get lost…

thanks for any insight

First, a good place to go to find the original versions is Dave’s site (dhc014 - one of the moderators here). It’s a good bookmark to have. (

Right now, the only pre-hacked firmwares available (that I know of) are:
*) Terminal’s 811/851/812 (currently down) - these only have speedhacking & EEPROM-check removal
*) C0deKing’s 411/811/851 - these have readhacking, EEPROM-check removal and minimal speedhacking
*) Mine (just UYS1 and the experimental GS0H that I abandoned)… the UYS1 has EEPROM-check removal and speedhacking, and the experimental GS0H has EEPROM-removal, limited speedhacking, and an experimental write strategy transplant

My advice would be to get the original firmwares and then apply all the patches yourself. These patches are easy, as each one of them has a friendly graphical interface and are easy to do. The hacks are:
*) EEPROM-removal… (LDW851FP, see Ssseth’s tool collection)… despite the name, this could actually be used on any LiteOn firmware (not just 451@851) and it can also be used on .BIN files in addition to .EXE files… this removes the EEPROM check so that you can do crossflashing (for 451@851, 812@851, etc.) (not necessary to do unless you’re cross-flashing, but it doesn’t hurt)
*) Speedhacking… see my signature or the tool collection
*) Readhacking… see my signature