Reads/Burns CDs - Reads DVD but No Burn

I recently bought a 1655 from I flashed to BCDB with BQFlasher. Success. Worked for about two weeks. After a version of MCSE was released, with support for the 1655, I downloaded BCDB exe, opened it up, and removed the riplock with the little checkmark in the corner and saved. I didn’t touch any of those media codes. I then flashed. Flashed this time w/o BQFlasher or WinDwFlash. Plain flash with the built-in support. I selected the drive. The status bar increased to the maximum and then restarted from the beginning of the bar again. Over and over again. Doing nothing. I could move the window and minimize. But the flasher just didn’t do anything; left like that for half a hour. So I restarted the computer. It posted in BIOS and I could easily see it in My Computer. I tried to burn a DVD (tried Maxell 002 and CMC AM3), but it failed writing lead-in; it just made a retry and retry sound (like a focusing sound or something). Its dead. I tried flashing over and over again, with BQFlasher (which just crashed). Is it really dead? I can return it easily to futureshop and get a new one. Should I?



Check the DMA and make sure it is in UDMA Mode 2. Verify it with Nero CD-DVD Speed “Burst Rate”, with a data/movie DVD inside your drive you should get over 22MB/s. Let us know how it goes.