Reads and burns DVDs but won't recognize CDs

:rolleyes: I have searched through the forum and I haven’t found anything that is quite like my situation so I thought I would post.

I have a Plextor PX-708a.

When I put a blank CD in the drive I get some strange clicking sounds and then eventually the amber light will flicker two time and then pause then repeat this pattern continuously. It does the same thing if I put a normal data CD in the drive also.

I looked on the guide and saw that this most likely means that it can not read the discs. Even though I have used these in the past on this drive without any trouble I went out and bought a different brand just to check. It does the same thing. It suggests that I run a self-diagnostics but it seems like such a hassle. I guess I will have to do it anyway.

The strange thing is that it will read and burn DVDs just fine.

Why would it read and burn DVDs but not CDs?

I am guess that I will have to replace this drive. What drive would you suggest?

You should try the self-test :slight_smile: Remember to use some Plextor recommended media.

I don’t know if it’s true for the PX-708A but the PX-716A uses two lasers; one for DVD based media and one for CD based media. So, if one fails the other one can still work just fine.

Good luck and welcome to the forums!

Thanks for your reply and your hospitality.

I am over here in Korea so finding the recommended media is not an easy task. And, if you do find it the cost is outrageous.

I have had the drive for at least a couple of years now and have found and used one particular brand without any problems until now. I seldom burn cds, usually just dvds, so I don’t even know how long it has been this way.

I will run the self test as detailed in the manual but I have a feeling it is toast and with the price of a new one being so low I think I might go about buying a new one anyway.

What do you think of this drive? LG Electronics GSA-4167b

Sorry, I’m pretty much only familiar with Plextor drives. If you’re looking for a new DVD recorder it’s a good idea to read through the forums on this forum and have a look at our review section. Good luck with the drive.